Nocturnal Animals


Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 166486


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Jena Malone as Sage Ross
Armie Hammer as Hutton Morrow
Jake Gyllenhaal as Tony Hastings / Edward Sheffield
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ray Marcus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Grimmers97 8 / 10

A Beautiful Nightmare.

The latest directorial effort from fashion designer Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals is an assault on the senses. I say this as a complement though. From the gaudy and gratuitous opening credits to it's varied palette of moody colours, it screams excess and expense. But unlike many movies that feature visuals like these, the movie doesn't paint them positively. Instead, our main character is trapped in a terrifying limbo of what she admits is her own creation. One day, she receives a manuscript from her ex-husband, played by Jake Gyllenhal. Due to their rough split almost two decades prior, she reads into every word.

The manuscript weaves a story that resonates with her broken state of living. She wonders. Is it a threat? Just a harmless attempt to reconnect? Or something else entirely? Cue top class acting and a story that is as dark as they come. This is a short review and there is a reason why. Nocturnal Animals is a movie best experienced with as little prior knowledge of the plot as possible. So, get out there. In the jungle of mostly underwhelming movies that is 2016, this is a movie you can't miss out on.

Reviewed by sonelectric 3 / 10

Don't waste your time, pretentious crap

Just got back from the theater. Don't understand the rating. Reading the reviews ... I feel lonely. I feel like these critics got their job too easy, or by scheming, or by sheer luck. Am I the only one who laughed out loud when Tony shot himself in the groin? Or when he, blinded by a well deserved blow to the head, stumbled out of the trailer? For those of you who think that I didn't understand the inner turmoil of the writer pictured there as a physical struggle.. let me put your mind at ease. I did and so should everyone, because this movie is a like a fake easy test you get just to feel good about yourself. No thanks. After twenty years this is his revenge? Showing her that he wrote a crap book? Making her feel alone, left behind, like he felt back then? Making her understand what he has been through, what she missed? Big whoop, she already knew and beside hurting a bit she didn't do anything about it. You know, like in real life. Tom Ford, master of the cinema verite.

I have a fun fact for you: did you know that when Ray is sitting on the toilet outside, and the cop tells him to get dressed, he wipes his ass with a page of the script? True story.

Joking aside, there is so much "The emperor's new clothes" thing going on in the movie business nowadays that my head hurts.

Anyway, trashing this flick is the only thing that makes me feel better after losing 4 bucks to this writer , director , fashion designer, lion tamer, electrician, etc, so I'm sorry if I upset anybody who was deeply moved by his movie, and will forever remember it as one of great pieces of cinema.

In all honesty, there are so many movies more deserving of good reviews, and it is sad that we don't have smarter critics.

Reviewed by Gkaplan1959 1 / 10

Extremely disappointing!

Unfortunately, Nocturnal Animals was completely unbelievable right from the beginning, with dialog that seemed written by a machine. Given the 'novel' idea, that might have been excused, but all the dialog in the supposed 'real world' was just as bad. The only actor able to shine through this pretentious crap was Michael Shannon, but after a time his character just disappeared from the story. And what was Michael Sheen doing in this movie? And the nude fat dancers? It really added up to nothing. And oh my goodness, what a payback for leaving a man and aborting his child: He got her to go to a dinner meeting AND DIDN'T SHOW UP! Wow! Now that's payback in a BIG WAY! Sorry, but this exercise in audience manipulation was a real disappointment after A Single Man.

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