No Way Out


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller

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Sidney Poitier as Dr. Luther Brooks
Ruby Dee as Connie Brooks
Richard Widmark as Ray Biddle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dragoneyez01 8 / 10

Intelligent, Groundbreaking Film

After watching this film on television a couple weeks ago (TMC is the best), I was surprised how obscure 'No Way Out' really is. However, I wasn't exactly surprised.

The film follows Dr. Brooks (Sidney Poitier), an ER doctor whose first real-world experience is as intern in the prison ward of a New York hospital. While on duty, the brothers Biddle (the older of which is played by Richard Widmark), come in following a confrontation with the police. Both suffer from superficial injuries, but the younger brother's health is declining rapidly due to what Brooks diagnoses as a brain tumor. The kid dies while Brooks is operating, feet away from his brother. The racist Ray Biddle soon accuses Brooks of murder, but won't allow an autopsy to be conducted on his brother to determine the cause of death.

Poitier turns in a great performance as the hard-working young doctor, who is debased by the hollow accusations of a bigot. They dig at his core and bring up insecurities that would be common to anyone in the medical field, but are aggravated by the pure hatred of Widmark's equally well-played character.

While the script borders on stereotypes at times, you have to remember that these stereotypes were very real during the time it was written. The writer does a fantastic job of adding depth, personality, beyond the paper figures. Brooks is a practical man, who supports his family and tries to not let the circumstances bring him down. Behind the veneer of hatred, Biddle is a deeply insecure and misguided man who has let circumstance blacken his core. Mankiewicz and Samuels do an amazing job at bringing life to a situation that was taboo for the time.

Aside from the competent acting and well-executed script, the film featured a moving and well-choreographed race riot that fully captures the raw hatred that can surface between groups of people who face the same everyday problems and circumstances, but are torn by one difference (color, or creed, or religion).

This is definitely a film well worth seeing. For its time, the movie was groundbreaking for its portrayal of both racists and their victims. While today the movie may seem tame, it undoubtedly struck some sensitive nerves during its release. The film deserves to be more widely known, if only for its content.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7 / 10

Solid entertainment. Can't wait for the DVD!

I heard a rumor that this was coming out on DVD in 2006. I hope it's true because this is a fascinating film. Actually, "shocking" might be a better word.

Bigotry is the main theme and there is no beating around the bush here. The "n- word" is used at least 20 times in this film in one form or another which is shocking to hear in a classic film. Richard Widmark plays the main bigot and he is fascinating to watch. Few people in his day could play the wild-eyed fanatical villain as well as he could (see "Kiss Of Death" for the best example).

This was Sidney Poiteir's screen debut and he looks about 16 years old! He looks too young to be a doctor even if he is portrayed as someone in their first year of practice. Anyway, with Widmark and Poitier, and a fine supporting cast with some famous names, you have a very, very interesting movie that is long overdue to be made available to the public.

To the film's credit, this shows bigotry on both sides: black and white, although it concentrates more on white against black. Linda Darnell plays perhaps the most interesting role because she is the one person who switches back and forth, unable most of the time to figure out what side to take! For those who remember the Naked City TV series, it's also fun to see Harry Bellaver in here, playing Widmark's deaf-mute brother.

This movie could easily be very dated.....but it isn't.

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 8 / 10

shocking -- then and now.

Cut up in various states including Pennsylvania, banned in the South for years, it's hard to see how this movie managed to be made. I'm not even sure they could do it now in our oh-so-sophisticated new century. The "N" word became taboo after it played such a prominent part in the O. J. Simpson trial. And the other racist name calling we would I think find equally offensive. "Sambo"? And others that aren't "obscene" by any dictionary definition but which people still wouldn't feel comfortable reading here.

Skipping over much of the plot -- Poitier is a doctor accused by Widmark of deliberately killing Widmark's brother -- the acting is fine on everyone's part. Poitier was one of the best dramatic actors of his generation. Widmark gives a performance that slides from paranoid wariness to hysterical hatred. There's never a moment when he doesn't seem ready to pop like a zit. Linda Darnell has never impressed me much as an actress, although she was a nicely virginal teenager in "The Mark of Zorro," but she delivers the goods here as a mature and embittered woman. The supporting players are all stalwart. Many of the faces are familiar. Even Jack Kruschen has a few seconds on screen.

If there's a weakness in the film it's the battle in the junkyard. It's well staged but overdone, with rabid white racists slamming bicycle chains against stoves, eyes bulging, shrieking racial epithets. We really didn't need it. The drama is in the interaction between the characters.

But that's minor. It's a well-done and courageous movie. The screenplay is brave enough to keep the African-American community within the bounds of human possibilities. They aren't saints. Poitier's grandma clearly hates whites. The black actors don't all look like fashion models, and the men stage what now would be called a "preemptive" attack on white bigots who have not yet done what they've planned to do. In the end, it's sensible enough to encourage our sympathy towards Widmark's insane and suffering racist criminal. Widmark winds up crumpled on the floor, bleeding and weeping abjectly from a mixture of hopelessness and self pity.

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