No Retreat, No Surrender


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
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Jean-Claude Van Damme as Ivan Kraschinsky the Russian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stuart McCormack 3 / 10

Magnificently Awful

This is my absolute favourite BAD movie. I love it.

The plot is ludicrous, the acting atrocious and the score is straight out of a Z-grade '60's Western. Barack Obama looks more like Bruce Lee than Tai Chung Kim.

But it's the dialogue that makes this movie great.

Who can forget Van Damme's immortal line: "So, it is you!"?

To be fair, Van Damme looks great and speaks little and there are some good fight scenes if you can stick it out.

This movie is so bad that I own a copy and watch it at least once a year. Laugh out loud from beginning to end.

A must-see. Preferably with a few friends and a bunch of beers.

Reviewed by dcmccants 10 / 10

After three or more beers, this movie is flawless.

I don't know where to start with this cinematic masterpiece. When I first saw it(a million years ago) I thought it was so laughably bad that I enjoyed watching it. Then recently I had a few drinks then got the great idea of watching it again. I couldn't pull myself off of the floor from laughing so hard. Geez, the sound, video quality, acting, editing, EVERYTHING about this movie is bad. There should be a warning on the cover suggesting that viewers prepare themselves for the possibility of laughing themselves into a stupor.

Anyway, this movie is freaking great. Check this movie out without hesitation. If you watch it sober, you'll laugh at it normally, but when you got a few in ya, the laughs don't stop. You hear that punk, she KNOWS whos the best!!!

Reviewed by solomonkain 8 / 10


Before watching the movie I had in my mind that this was just going to be another dodgy movie but with a bit of van damme thrown in. How wrong. This movie truly is a classic, the cheesy music, (especially the end credits) brilliant montage scenes and especially the fighting itself. This isn't your traditionally badly choreographed Van Dammeesque movie but a very well done job. The fight scenes a lengthy and extremely enjoyable, and everyone in the movie can kick and punch very well. The main character Kurt McKinney (Jason) turns up the style later in the movie by pulling off some unbelievable training exercises, such as his two-finger one handed push ups! OK - so the acting is very ropey - but who cares! If you're looking for an enjoyable evening in and a self motivational movie - this is the one!

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