Ninja: Shadow of a Tear


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
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Scott Adkins as Casey
Ron Smoorenburg as Dojo Fighter
Kane Kosugi as Nakabara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ivan_Drago21 10 / 10

Best DTV Action Movie Ever?!? Possibly!

Saw this early at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas and it is quite possibly the greatest DTV action movie ever made.

Though many would not be proud of it, but I am a DTV (direct to video) expert. I subject myself to watching pretty much every DTV action movie ever made. Though most of them are just absolutely awful, it is all worth it when a Unisol Regen or Blood and Bone comes along and blows you away.

The main problems with dtv movies are: 1. Zero budget 2. Shaky cam/quick edits 3. Actors not willing to put in the work for the fight scenes to look realistic 4. Stupid plots with dumb romances

Though Ninja Shadow of a Tear is on a small budget, all of the aforementioned problems are fixed. The movie is completely without shaky cam and quick editing. The plot is very basic and there is no fat to try and make it anything other than what it incredible action movie. And finally, the incredible Scott Adkins and the amazing stunt team put in some amazing fights.

One scene in particular is Scott Adkins versus 6 guys in a dojo and the entire fight is filmed in one take with zero the Alphonso Cauron of DTV shots. It was absolutely amazing.

Just an amazing fight movie that takes the best fight scenes ever and mixes it with Rambo, old Cannon movies from the 80's, and Enter the Dragon and other Asian flicks from the 70's. Just a perfect movie that looks like a big budget Hollywood flick. Not a single dollar was wasted and no goofy cgi or wires were used.

I can't recommend this movie enough. The action is incredible and everything came together to make one of the best fight films of all- time.

Hollywood, please wake up and give Adkins/Florentine a budget and I think you would be amazing at what they can do.

If you are looking to check out other great DTV movies and save yourself the trouble of all the nonsense and garbage I have seen, check out the following. But most importantly, check out Ninja Shadow of a Tear when it is released. It is a definitely blu-ray buy for me.

1. Universal Solider Regeneration 2. Ninja Shadow of a Tear 3. Blood and Bone 4. Undisputed 3 5. Wake of Death (pretty much all of the Van Dammes are watchable) 6. Undisputed 2 7. Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning (just watch the last 45 minutes)

Reviewed by jonathanmark-77048 8 / 10

My Favorite Scott Adkins film

Plot: Ninjitsu master Casey is back and out for revenge when his pregnant wife is murdered.

This is easily my favorite Scott Adkins film to date. This has the best story because it's straight forwarded and simple which is what I like about the action films from back in the day and this brings that back. I've always thought he had charisma whenever he was on screen, He is very likable, and you feel for him in this film which is what you should do for your main character.

The action in this film is some of the best I've seen in years, rivaling the John Wick films even. Director Isaac Florentine knows how to shoot action as demonstrated in his other films, if only Hollywood would actually give this guy a good budget and have some of his films in theaters unlike some directors who don't deserve it.

This is a really good throwback to old school action films that action fans should watch and give it a chance, you won't regret it.

Reviewed by paradux 6 / 10

OK fanboys take a chill pill

For starters ignore the glowing reviews.

The fact is that this is the best film from Adkins since Boyka II -- and we all know that at the time he did SHADOW, the Boyka III was still in development -- yet at the end of the day, when the points are tallied, this is still not a very satisfying movie.

And don't take my word for it. Look at the IMDb score and the number of members who voted. Clearly there is slight difference of opinion between the IMDb membership and the "front run" popular reviews saying this is the best thing since sliced bread.

As I said, it is a step in the right direction. Since the last Undisputed (Boyka II) Adkins' agents have treated him like a punching bag, throwing him into all kinds of odd roles and odd films -- even some that (gasp!) are purely dramatic, where the only beating that takes place is when you punch out the friend that recommended it.

Adkins is game and he tries. But David White's script is a mess. Off the top we kill the pretty pregnant wife of Adkins' character. OK, I am all in favor of getting to the point .. but there is no point. The rest of the film rambles like an old streetcar, toying with themes of revenge. family honor, anger management, and ninjitsu. As for the "big reveal" at the end, I will not dignify it by explaining it and neither should you.

Boyka 2016 awaits. And no one needs it more than Adkins himself.

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