Ninja Cheerleaders


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 14%
IMDb Rating 3.5 10 1452


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Eric Stonestreet as Beergut
George Takei as Hiroshi
Lateef Crowder as Karate Bully
Michael Paré as Victor Lazzaro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by squirrelmistress 1 / 10

And I *Love* B-Movies, Too...

This movie is low budget and KNOWS its low budget. We have teenagers obviously being played by adults, that sort of thing. The opening credits started with a great deal of promise for me. In fact, if not for the opening credits, I would be telling you all that this was in fact a zero star movie for me.

The problem lies in the movie knowing its low budget and not knowing what to do with itself. Unlike a movie like "Sharknado" which plays well with its "badness", "Ninja Cheerleaders" fails to use its badness and lack of budget to its benefit. Frequently jokes run on for far too long.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 1 / 10

Fundamentally bad...

When I purchased this movie it was because it was listed as a comedy movie. And hey, a comedy movie with ninjas can't be half bad. But wow, are you kidding me, this movie was just beyond awful.

I managed to get 23 minutes into the movie before I gave up out of sheer, pure and unadulterated boredom. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in this movie worked for me on any levels. The acting was poor and wooden. The storyline was ridiculous and just never took hold. And finally, the movie seemed to go nowhere.

There was only one thing that surprised me, and that was the fact that George Takei was in this movie. Yet he could not manage to lift up this movie in one bit.

From what I managed to see in the 23 minutes, then I have seen enough to know that I will not make a second attempt to finish this movie. It is rare that a movie is so boring that I get up and eject the disc way before the movie has ended - but it happens every now and then.

I think this movie might appeal to a young teenage audience, because of the women, the senseless nudity and the less than mediocre fight scenes. But for an adult audience, then "Ninja Cheerleaders" was offering nothing of any noteworthy interest.

I am rating "Ninja Cheerleaders" a mere one out of ten stars. And I can honestly say stay well clear of this movie.

Reviewed by carlinturian 10 / 10

George Takei does it again!

Seriously, the title says it all, 3 girls not only have the time to be cheerleaders, ninjas and intelligent women aiming for Ivy League dreams, they're also go-go dancers!

These protagonists are taught by their sensei: Master Hiroshi (George Takei)who also happens to be the owner of the strip club the girls work at.

You'll be drawn in with it's breathtaking choreography, thoughtful social commentary and strong female protagonists who also enjoy being feminine and are more competent than their male counterparts.

Take a view and you wont be disappointed!

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