Nina Forever


Action / Comedy / Horror / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by info-31034 10 / 10

Funny as death

I really enjoyed Nina Forever, it's like a really black comedy, that shows how good a film can be made on a tiny budget.

The main focus is around a character called Nina who tragically dies, leaving her boyfriend to pick up the pieces of his life, but then she comes back.

While being very graphic and very sweary Nina Forever is also very very charming, it's a beautiful story of loves lost, loves found and loves twisted grip.

I gather the film was shot on a budget of around $13,000 but took a very long time to make. The wear does show as one of the characters does age a little during the film, but it's good. No it's all good.

The film is funny, horrible and utterly cool. It's a prime example that low budget British Horror does have a place in society. And it's also a first rate top notch film masterpiece regardless of country of origin.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10

Some people never let go your hand!

We ask for the fresh ideas and here is the one. This British film was not totally innovative, at least it tried to be different. This horror-comedy was directed by two brothers and it was theirs first feature film. This is the story of two who meet working in a supermarket. The 19 years old Holly and in his 20s, Rob, they instantly fall in love with their first encounter. But there's a problem that they can't sleep together, if they do, then Rob's dead girlfriend appear. So the reason for it and the solution if there is one, is what the rest of the film covers.

It was a little slow, though entertaining. Not a bad storyline, they developed it decently, but the twist was so ordinary. Nothing like we could predict it, but it gives a silly reason. If you are not expecting big, then it might work. The performances were not bad. It's not that funny, because it was a black comedy. Though the story takes place in the open society, the focus has been always between three main cast and a couple of others. That mean it comes to the point, not wasting for useless scenes. That's why it's very interesting, despite not very impressive. Like I said worth a watch for being a different from the usual films.


Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Best to leave the dead alone...

"Nina Forever" starts out a bit chaotic, but it sets a pretty good mood for the movie.

However, that mood was quickly gunned down by the utter boredom that trailed along with this movie. I managed to get maybe just about 30 minutes into the movie before I had to give up out of sheer and utter boredom. I managed to get to the part where Nina returned from the dead for the second time, then I just couldn't take it anymore.

The story is about Nina, who dies in a traffic accident, leaving her boyfriend Rob on the brink of suicide and in a very dark place. When he does manage to find a shimmer of hope in the form of colleague Holly from the supermarket, Nina returns from the grave to interfere whenever they are being intimate.

What killed off my interest in "Nina Forever" was the excessive focus on sex in the about 30 minutes or so that I managed to watch of this ordeal of a movie. It was just too much, and it wasn't helping the movie in any bit. Quite the contrary actually, it was a cumbersome anchor dragging the movie down.

I didn't care one bit for the characters in the movie, as they were essentially as interesting as wet cardboard. Nor can I claim to find much of any interest in the storyline. Sure, the synopsis sounded like this could actually be a fun movie to watch. But it was just painfully killed off by the focus on sex and directors Ben Blaine's and Chris Blaine's urge to show nudity on the screen.

Sure, I had expected this to be a comedy of sorts, and perhaps one that would bring zombies into the frame. But it just wasn't that at all.

I am not going to bother with a second trip to finish "Nina Forever", because it just didn't appeal to anything for me. And I am rating it a mere three out of ten stars, given the fact that it had good camera work, good cinematography and good editing. The rest, nah, not so much...

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