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Robert Mitchum as Donner / Rodriguez
Jaclyn Smith as Katherine Atwell
Sybil Danning as Monika Childs
Mike Connors as Wendell Atwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackyfan 10 / 10

One of Jaclyn Smith's Best Performances

This movie was supposed to be one of Jaclyn Smith's first major feature films of the 1980's. But due to some problems, it was largely unreleased in theaters and ended up on television. Good for us movie buffs because this film is probably one of the best that I have seen and one of the most satisfying thrillers in years. It doesn't have the same style of the slasher/screamer films of 1980's but what it offers is a lot better. The last half hour is a real nail biter especially the shower scene. Robert Mitchum's performance is top notch and actress Jaclyn Smith is terrific. I think this is one of her best performances. Her on-screen chemistry with actor James Franciscus is just great. Miss Smith also appears in a beautiful backless gown that will knock your eyes out. That, too, is entertainment.

Reviewed by speedo68 10 / 10

A High-bending Suspense Thriller!

This is supposed to be Jaclyn Smith's first major feature after declining to star in the James Bond movie "Moonraker." But the film was largely unreleased in the cinemas. It did get a major cinema released though, internationally and created a following (at least, for people who loves this kind of genre).

Inspite of some inept direction, (one example is when Smith is trying to explain to her friend, played by Sybil Danning, what happened the night before and why her friend's husband came to see Smith --the dubbing was so bad), this movie is one of my favourite thrillers of all time.

The story is very original and will keep you guessing up to the last minute. Very satisfying and the performances are superb.

Jaclyn Smith is absolutely gorgeous and delivers the best performance in this film. James Franciscus, who starred with Smith in JACQUELINE BOUVIER KENNEDY movie, is also marvelous in a very short memorable role. They both look great on screen and of course, veteran actor Robert Mitchum is at his best. Except for some "blah" performances of the supporting cast, the movie will keep you on your seat.

The shower scene is probably the best thriller "shower" scene I've seen in the movies (well, of course, aside from Janet Leigh in "Psycho" )and it was executed excellently.

I can't wait to see a re-make of this film, why?, because, this is what a thriller should be! Paging hollywood!!!!

Reviewed by Snake-666 7 / 10

A lot better than the rating suggests.

Katherine Atwell (Jaclyn Smith), the wife of a wealthy businessman, unwittingly finds herself embroiled in a sinister murder plot when her lover decides to murder her husband and steal his money so that the two may elope together.

Ted Post directs this Hitchcock-style horror/thriller about murder and deception and one has to say that he does a very good job in doing so. Post takes a screenplay based on a story by the relatively unknown John Case and turns it into an intricate and generally compelling ninety minute piece of criminally underrated cinema. Although Post obviously lacks the directorial flair of his inspirers Hitchcock and Argento (there are a couple of instances where light is used in a similar fashion to Argento as well as some Argento-style trickery), one cannot really fault his execution of the work and instead has to admire the way that he turned such a low-budget into a thrill fest of suspense and intrigue. The subtle blending of the foreboding orchestral soundtrack with the continuing tension Post is able to create through some rather adept use of lighting and slow-yet-adequate pacing is probably the main reason that this movie is able to succeed and become quite a shining of example of great, low-budget cinema.

Jaclyn Smith, from the TV series ‘Charlie's Angels', is exceptional in her role as a woman pushed to the brink of madness following a series of bizarre and inexplicable happenings – as if being an unplanned accessory to the murder of her husband wasn't enough! Smith's performance is all the more credible due to the whole array of emotions her character is forced to portray. Despite Smith's character being a wrong-doer, it becomes quite easy to sympathise with her plight and understand her actions. Robert Mitchum takes the main role of the supporting cast as Lt. Donner and just adds to the credible acting performances that help to make ‘Nightkill' what it is. Unfortunately, the rest of the supporting cast were not exactly up to par except for a somewhat brief performance by the near-legendary B-movie actress Sybil Danning.

‘Nightkill' is a movie built on suspense, fortified by extraordinary acting performances (for a movie of this type) and cemented with a truly remarkable and haunting finale. Those who appreciate thrillers such as those by Hitchcock and Argento should find something enjoyable in this film as well. Certainly not for those who have had their attention spans stolen by MTV, but for those who appreciate subtle, slow and suspenseful thrillers. Yes, there are problems such as a rather unnecessary piece of character interaction towards the end, a brief decline in quality during the middle of the film and the obvious limitations of the budget. The final twist is also a little clichéd and does become a little obvious but not really enough to take away from one's enjoyment. ‘Nightkill' is still a very accomplished film and one that psychological thriller fans should find quite enjoyable. My rating for ‘Nightkill' – 7/10.

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