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David Cronenberg as Dr. Philip K. Decker
Craig Sheffer as Aaron Boone / Cabal
John Agar as Decker's Victim
McNally Sagal as Motel Receptionist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 8 / 10

When Barker directs Barker's adaptation of Barker's novel it can not fail

Nightbreed is an adaptation of Barker's novel Cabal from 1988. As I love this book very much, and Barker personally adapted it into screenplay and directed the film, I'm probably not able to observe it objectively. With exception of, from today's perspective, outdated special effects, this movie is perfect fantasy/horror action. Twenty years ago, when I first read the book and saw the movie, I was amazed. Now after watching it again I'm giving it strong eight. Role of main villain is played by David Cronenberg, and some fantasy and horror writers, including Neil Gaiman, also have brief appearances. Unlike the book that is genius, the film does not have a particular depth or characterization, but it has a phenomenal atmosphere and very interesting and original "monsters", as well as great music. I recommend you to watch director's cut and make sure you read the book.


Reviewed by BA_Harrison 4 / 10

I want chicken, I want liver, Barker's Nightbreed can't deliver.

Plagued by weird dreams of a mythical place called Midian, Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) is drawn into a nightmarish world of monsters and madmen, with adoring girlfriend Lori (Anne Bobby) in tow.

I first saw Clive Barker's Nightbreed in 1990 and couldn't believe that it was from the same man who gave us the excellent Hellraiser: the film was a total mess. I have since learnt that the movie was the victim of studio interference and that some footage was excised against Barker's wishes, but to be honest, more of the same doesn't make the experience any better. The Director's Cut still suffers from a dreadful story, weak performances, bad special effects (that cemetery matte painting is awful!), lousy monsters (pathetic creatures that we, the viewers, are supposed to empathise with), and an all-pervading, overblown score from Danny Elfman (of which the chanting sections sound uncannily similar to that old advert for Meow Mix… "I want chicken, I want liver…").

Only David Cronenberg, as hooded serial killer psychiatrist Dr. Philip K. Decker, impresses, his character being a truly scary creation (although I still haven't quite figured out how he can see through those buttons on his mask); to be honest, I wish the whole film had been about Decker… it would have been a whole lot more entertaining than this muddled monster mash.

3.5 out of 10, rounded up to 4 for IMDb.

Reviewed by MrWeenie 6 / 10

Deserves a Remake

Nightbreed is one example where advancements in special effects would now make Cabal, the book it is based on, easier to realize on screen and could finally do that story full justice. Also, probably for reasons of pacing, and to reach a wider audience, this movie censors and omits scenes from Cabal, that book it is based on. Not only has the movie been edited to sometimes omit the most intense scenes, but sometimes the story is just basically changed for reasons unclear. I wont knock Barker's screenplay or directing for this, but I will say that a lot could be done to remake this title and have it be really different than this version of the story. Maybe it could even develop into a series if we are lucky. There are so many aspects that could be changed that a remake could still end up feeling as definitive or more definitive than this version.

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