Night Tide


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

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Dennis Hopper as Johnny Drake
Luana Anders as Ellen Sands
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 4 / 10


The Plot. On leave in a shore side town, Johnny becomes interested in a young dark haired woman.

They meet and he learns that she plays a mermaid in the local carnival.

After strange occurrences, Johnny begins to believe that she may actually be a real mermaid that habitually kills during the cycle of the full moon.

First off, I've never been a big fan of Hopper. I think he's an overrated actor who is rather whinny. And I think this is one of his worst roles.

Next, this is a very cheaply done movie. The subject matter is sort of interesting but it's directed like Carnival of Souls without the chutzpah.

It's an OK period piece, documenting the change in the way movies would be made, but you are sure to get bored before the end comes. Because this is a Roger Corman production, I think it gets a lot more hype than it deserves.

Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

The haunting sea on the coast of Southern California

Released in 1961, "Night Tide" stars Dennis Hopper as a sailor in Venice, California, who falls for a mysterious raven-haired beauty who poses as a mermaid at the local carnival (Linda Lawson). Gavin Muir plays the old sea salt guardian of the young woman, Marjorie Cameron a shadowy older woman and Luana Anders the daughter of the carousel owner (Tom Dillon). Marjorie Eaton is also on hand as a fortune teller.

This is an atmospheric mystery tale in the manner of 1962's "Carnival of Souls" and not conventional horror. It's interesting to see Hopper so young, normal and courteous in his pre-hippie days (as opposed to his later weirdo roles in movies like "Blue Velvet" and "River's Edge," both from 1986). The movie's slow, haunting and entertaining as a period piece where you get to see beatniks partying on the beach and other intriguing things. If you like carnival-oriented movies you should definitely check this out. Just be aware that the ending leaves everything open to interpretation (explored below).

Shot in B&W, the movie runs 86 minutes and was shot in Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu, California.


COMMENTARY ***SPOILER ALERT*** (Don't read further unless you've seen the movie)

According to the literal interpretation, the mysterious old woman was likely hired by the captain to pester Mora to convince her she is a 'sea-person' so she will stay with him; the reason Mora tries to Kill Hopper's character at the end is that she THINKS she's a killer. She didn't kill her other two suitors, but became convinced she did via the captain's brainwashing. It was the jealous captain who killed them.

In the figurative interpretation Hopper is a lonely sailor who meets an older sailor, also lonely. The young sailor is looking at his future self. Mora is the savage beauty of nature, symbolic of the sea itself. Like the oceans, she is unforgiving, but both sailors love her. When she kills she is above judgment, like the ocean itself, and you can't judge her.

Then there's the question of how Mora died. The captain only confesses to the murders of Mora's suitors because he was in love with Mora and his jealousy drove him to kill the young rivals for her affection. So how did Mora die? Since the young sailor (Hopper) took the only boat and left her in the open sea she must've drowned. However, it's left open how the captain retrieved Mora's body. Either her body washed ashore and he found her or he was tailing the couple when they went diving and he went to find Mora after Hopper's character left the scene and found her dead body. The other possibility is that the captain killed her when he found her alive, but why would he do that if he loved her? Unless it was because he felt she was cheating on him.

The other literal interpretation, of course, is that Mora really was a mermaid and the old woman was a sea person as well but, if this is true, how did Mora die in the water when the young sailor left her in the ocean since a sea person wouldn't drown? Unless the captain thought he was going to lose Mora forever to the sea people and so he killed her after the sailor left.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 9 / 10

Beautiful and Haunting Supernatural B-Movie

This Cult Movie has a Rich Pedigree. It is the Debut for Director Curtis Harrington and Despite obvious Talent and a Love for His Art, Never really Managed to Hit Pay-Dirt and the Big Time. But like Many Artist with Creative Abilities that Escape the Attention of Contemporaries, Harrington's Work has found New Respect and Admirers

It is also the Debut Film for Dennis Hopper who had a Long and Varied Career and managed Virtual Super-Star Status, First as an Iconic Counter Culture Figure, after Directing and Starring in "Easy Rider" (1969), and then Playing Psychos in a Number of Well Received Box Office and Artistic Hits like "Apocalypse Now" (1979), "Blue Velvet" (1986), and "Speed" (1994).

But although Hopper is OK as an Atypical Sailor Traveling Alone, it is Harrington's Film. Combining Eerie, Surreal Images with a Tone of a Daydream/Nightmare, the Director Rings His very Low Budget Dry with a Number of Odd Inclusions.

The Jazzy Beatnik Score, the Carnival Atmosphere, the Mythic Story, and some very Off Beat Characters, Tell the Story of a Mermaid (Or is she?), who May or may Not be a "Siren" that Lures Men to Their Watery Grave. A Strong Performance from Linda Lawson and all the Cast Help make this much More than just Drive-In Filler.

This Ambiguous and Beautiful Film also has Ties to Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, The Church of Satan, Kenneth Anger, and Roger Corman. Its Influences include Edgar Allan Poe, The French New Wave, and Val Lewton.

So You See, this is a Must-See Movie for Fans of the Offbeat, the Occult, B-Movies, Horror and Fantasy Buffs, and Anyone Who Appreciates Film as Art.

Note...Stay far away from the Public Domain tapes and DVDs. The Film now has a Blu-ray release and that's the only voyage to take.

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