Night Sights


Action / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian 2 / 10

This requires two ratings - the 2*s is for the movie

Apparently, this was written and directed by a teenager. If so, it needs two reviews - one for it as a movie and one for the fact that the writer/director (already a warning) was so young.

It's a bold stab at a simple but interesting idea but the inexperience shows through everywhere. Add the fact that he also edited it and that explains much about the shots and the pace. And that's what you're most likely to notice and keep wishing the story would just get a move on.

But watch it knowing it was, apparently, created by a teenager and you have to marvel at his amazing abilities. However, impressive as they may be, they still don't manage to pull a good movie together but bear that in mind as you watch it and you may be forgiving enough to enjoy it.

Reviewed by csoto-01668 10 / 10

Amazing production

Director made this when he was 17 years old. The story is captivating and very enjoyable. Quite amazing to see young talent put together a production like this.

Reviewed by peter-2277 5 / 10

Seeing is Believing

Matt Thompson, the young writer/director's attention to detail and depth-of-field storyline makes the Night Sight movie a must see. You are quickly immersed in the emotional despair of what might have been, that can easily knock down any person. But the film's main character, Rich Hadley, accidentally learns leading edge technology coupled with traditional human beliefs may yield devastating consequences. With time running out, Rich must fit the Night Sight puzzle pieces together to see the evolving picture.

I encourage movie fans to follow this young production crew, many outstanding projects are in their future.

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