Night of the Wild


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Tristin Mays as Rosalyn
Rob Morrow as Dave
Dylan Vox as Seth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchak 5 / 10

Relentless canine massacre

RELEASED TO TV in 2014 and directed by Eric Red, "Night of the Wild" chronicles events in a small American town after a meteorite shower causes canines to go crazy. Rob Morrow, Kelly Rutherford, Tristin Mays & Carmen Tonry play the family trying to escape the carnage.

The extremely low-rated reviews are inaccurate and are obviously knee-jerk reactions to this being an Asylum movie. While Asylum movies CAN suck, this one is pretty good for what it is, a made-for-TV creatures-run-amok flick. Actually, "Night of the Wild" is relentless almost from the get-go with the various canine attacks, the final act going into overdrive. It could even be argued that the horror is so unremitting that the movie is one-dimensional. For the most part, the dogs are real canines and the movie commendably depicts them in a convincingly ferocious manner, which is reminiscent of 1981's "Wolfen." They coulda done better with the women, however. Yet Mays is pretty stunning in a semi-exotic way and Mary Katherine O'Donnell is quite fetching, although the latter doesn't last long. The score is actually quite moving.

The only reason I'm NOT giving this a more recommendable rating is because of the dumb things people do during the attacks, the precise opposite of what they should do. For instance, two people leave the sure shelter of the second story room of a house to go back outside where dogs are on the prowl practically everywhere. Or when two people hide under a truck, like the dogs wouldn't be able to perceive them or get to them (rolling my eyes). Also a certain person is seriously attacked in two episodes, but escapes pretty much unscathed. If you can handle these kinds of plot flaws "Night of the Wild" delivers for what it is, a Grade B nature-runs-amok flick.

THE FILM RUNS 89 minutes and was shot in Slidell & New Orleans, Louisiana, with establishing shots in presumably California. WRITER: Delondra Williams .


Reviewed by ronaldt49 7 / 10


Did any of the good citizens see the cats high up in the trees? Generally dogs don't climb trees. Cats do. These cats had enough sense to get as high above the ground as possible! If I look up and see hundreds of cats in a local tree they'll soon have company. ME!! And no entry here has mentioned the cats!

Reviewed by julian kennedy 8 / 10

Who Let the Dogs Out

Night of the Wild. 8 out of 10. Asylum films get a bad rap. Quite correctly in many cases. But what is up with the hate for this film? I mean really what more could you want from a nature goes wild movie? It has decent practical effects, I've seen worse CGI effects, none of the acting is visibly risible, and the action doesn't let up.

Giant green meteors land in a rural California village or perhaps the Hamptons with mountains it wasn't all that clear. This causes all the dogs to go crazy apparently through meteor sound if the one deaf dog is to be believed. This makes zero sense. The fact that the characters don't notice the giant green glowing things is a running bizarre zero sense thing throughout the movie as well. In fairness to the characters, I am pretty sure the meteors were not actually there when filming but were added in post-production with The Asylum's magical Commodore 64.

I recently viewed the similar themed The Pack. The Pack is on the surface a much better film. It has better cinematography, scarier looking dogs, an actual plot and most importantly it stars ridiculously attractive Anna Lise Phillips. Night of the Wild has Housewives star, Jill Zarin. (Who in all fairness isn't all that bad in a limited role as a chew toy). But the Pack has fewer cast members than Night of the Wild has kills in the first ten minutes. Night of the Wild knows why we watch a nature gone wild movie. It isn't for story and pacing and a rumination on the struggles of rural America.

Night of the Wild is a fun movie that knows it is fun and simply goes about its business. It isn't obnoxiously self-referential and it is completely lensed with a surprisingly good pace. Well worth the watch.

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