Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nigel P 5 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

This doom-laden cheap and nasty production comes from Andrew Jones, who produced and co-wrote it. Jones is a prolific film-maker who has made a name for himself producing micro-budget horrors through North Bank Entertainment; his most successful projects involve demonic doll 'Robert', who has starred in three films so far, with more to come. His productions polarise opinions – on the whole, I've enjoyed them, with only 'Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming' and 'The Amityville Asylum' (both 2013) disappointing. 'Resurrection' is one of his first productions, and as such, has mixed results – and it IS nasty.

In common with low-budget projects, the sound levels are erratic. Loud moments are followed with very softly spoken dialogue that is occasionally incoherent. Lee Bane, who stars in many Jones productions, is sadly guiltier of this than anyone, although his indecipherable ruminations are hardly the fault of the actor. He plays Kevin, a member of a fairly dysfunctional family, even without the influence of the current apocalypse.

He's married to pregnant Jenny (Rose Granger), but seemingly having an affair with her young sister. There's Mum and Dad too, and a teenage son. The influx of living dead only add to the complications.

One thing that annoyed me about this is that the characters seemingly know that once you are bitten, you become a zombie. This ruling is either forgotten or disregarded adding to the jeopardy, but making the characters inconsistent and seemingly stupid.

Interestingly, however, the 'normals' outside pose an even bigger threat. Dad Terry travels alone at night to get help (always inadvisable) and meets a group of these thugs, who have taken the law into their own hands. Rather than run them down, he stops, something that doesn't him any favours.

This is a mixed bag, really. There are scenes of gore that turn the stomach, and Director James Plumb makes the most of his lack of budget to produce a raw, grainy, unglamorous horror show.

In a a vague homage to the Romero original, the character of Ben (Sule Rimi) seems destined to be the hero of the piece with a knowledge and resolve that would appear to earmark him as a main player. Like the Ben featured in 'Night of the Living Dead (1968)', played by Duane Jones, he is also unexpectedly shot and killed when the others mistake him for a zombie.

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 1 / 10

A crap remake

The original Night of the living dead from 1968 is a great movie. The remake from 1990 of Night of the living dead is a great movie. 2008 remake which is not that good is better this crap. The story line is awful. The ending is awful. There are some good actors in this movie. And they were wasting there time. It is not scary at all. Just over the top with blood and dead bodies. See the Night of the living dead (1968) sequel Dawn of the dead (1978). That is a great movie. Even the 2004 remake of Dawn of the dead is better then this crap. The fellow to Dawn of the dead (1978) Day of the dead (1985) is also a great movie. Do not see this movie is a waste of time and money. I like some remakes but this one is a money grab.

Reviewed by 6 / 10

Well, the charms of them ham factor/s

Resurrection of a zombie-to-be crass-awesomeness, checking into the first victim's 55th second of the first two minutes.

Really guff it is, to have more than one moment of lighting make night look like day, not to interject with the fluctuating shelf-life of a bitten and infected human before fledging into a zombie. Forgive the but; having some connected YA's caught unawares by a zombie apocalypse bags all the slasher credibility. And yeah, shotguns. A splattering and worthwhile hit whether by a right or wrong choice. Always. Ever since Ar**face.

When you have dead signals and likewise get to check on what's trending on twitter, then some things really aren't really that hard to sell.

Eventually, the family involved, the axis of the plot, has to keep off both a vigilante and a hound of living-dead-guys. Starting right from among themselves.

My, I almost busted a gut trying to stomach a kangaroo court ( and some bloody guts). What a shame this is a first on viewing a pr*ck eating zombie. Original sh*t that.

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