Night of Something Strange


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blashyrkh1985 7 / 10

Something different to watch

Over all a good movie, was entertain to watch, only thing that kinda annoyed me was the bad effect of make up on that Cornelius the parts were he is moving his mouth and it looks like he just has a big glob of clay on his face, also the only thing that bothered me and happen often is on a scene they wont be wearing something cause it got torn or whatever the case maybe be then the camera shoots something then back at them an they be wearing that same shirt pant etc that got torn off etc..

Reviewed by sirjrcalvin 2 / 10

The Movie Does it's Job- It'll Disgust You.

I give this movie credit for one thing: It makes a promise and delivers on it. It'll turn your stomach a dozen times over. It'll make your eyes feel as violated as the characters.

That said, there's really no reason to watch this aside from the gross-out style. The acting is beyond atrocious. You'd find more talent in Sharknado 5. The story is nonsensical, but let's be honest, that's not why you'd consider watching this in the first place.

The vast majority of the humor is great for middle-schoolers and some adults who never grew up. There's some passable humor in one or two scenes, but overall, it's nowhere near enough to save this disaster of a movie.

Some people like watching movies about a guy eating bloody tampons and banging corpses. For the rest of us, we will steer far away from this garbage.

2/10 for the fact that this film knows what it is and doesn't try to promise anything different.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 10 / 10

Shoot him in the other brain

The film starts off disgusting with a graphic scene of necrophilia by Cornelius (Wayne W. Johnson) of a woman with STD who died from radiation sickness. The film then become a rape-zombie film, but nothing like "Lust of the Dead." Christine (Rebecca C. Kasek) introduces the "teen" cast going on holiday which formula-wise sets her up for the Final Girl...but the black guy (Tarrence Taylor) doesn't die first.

The appearance of Scream Queen Brinke Stevens early on as a teacher cameo, sets you up for an homage/ spoof film. The characters have the names Freddy, Jason, Christine, Carrie, Samara, Pam (Jason's mom) and Dirk (?) ...not Ash? I started to make a list of the gross and disgusting scenes, but found it was easier to list the non-disgusting scenes. About every scene ended with something either barf-worthy or off colored humor. I will mention there is a Hershey squirt to the face and use of used feminine hygiene product as food. There is also the formula creepy store owner and creepy motel owner. I loved the cigarette gag. The only other dead person I know who can keep a cigarette lit indefinitely is Keith Richards.

Not for everyone. Disgustingly good.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Nicola Fiore, Jennie Russo)

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