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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
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Julianne Moore as Callie Ferris
Nicolas Cage as Cris Johnson
Jessica Biel as Liz Cooper
Jessica Barth as Pretty Blonde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nilen-51573 4 / 10

Is that really the best future he could have done...?

Having this concept in a movie where a person can se abit into the future and therfore should be able to get the best possiable outcome, at least in the short run makes me question everything he does in the movie and think that there must have been a better choice. When you think about it he should be able to crack any code or answer any question even if he dont know the answer. He just ses what random noise gives the answer. Several times during the movie I though that he must have seen a better future in a different action that the one he just did. Like the time in the casino where he just clumsy pushed the robber, or in the attack at the end where he let several agents die where he must have been able to get them to survive. This thinking got me to not be able to fully enjoy the movie.

Then we have the leader of the agency who is searching for the bomb who just happens to se his fancy work in the casino and instantly thinks that he can read the future and puts all resources into finding him because he "definitely" is the key to finding the bomb. I am surprised that anyone listens to her and that she can keep her job.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 6 / 10

the amazing frank cadillac..


Next is smart, gripping and fun even though it may lose track for a bit and disappoint you at some points but all in all it definitely is a one time watch.

Reviewed by mgruebel 6 / 10

Starts out nicely...

Like "Knowing," "Next" starts out nicely, but the ending falls a bit flat. Not as flat as "Knowing," though.

Nick Cage plays Las Vegas casinos with the ultimate card-counting trick: he can see 2 minutes into the future, and when he makes a mistake, re-live that two minutes until he gets it right. He uses that trick to get the woman of his dreams, but ends up in the cross hairs of an FBI agent who wants him to help her find a nuclear device soon to go off in LA.

Spoiler: one of my main problems with this movie is the corny "it was all a dream" ending. That meme has just been used once too many, and "Next" does not make particularly good use of it. Mainly, the reason for this deus ex machina plot twist seems to be that director Lee Tamahori wanted to show a gratuitous nuclear explosion in LA. Well, then at least make it really slow mo and show us some devastation. And no, explaining it away by saying that mysteriously, Cage can see farther than 2 minutes into the future where his new girlfriend is concerned, does not make it any more satisfying.

Despite the weak ending, it's enough fun to watch once.

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