New Terminal Hotel


Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 10%
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Corey Haim as Jasper Crash
Stephen Geoffreys as Don Malek
Tiffany Shepis as Ava Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Neil Welch 5 / 10

Not engaging

Don is a screenwriter who has been successful. He chooses to live in a seedy hotel where he gets intermittent visits from the foul-mouthed harridan who is his agent. He decides to brutally cut up a producer against whom he has a grudge. He similarly murders others. Eventually it ends.

Stephen Geoffreys (who player Evil Ed so engagingly in the original Fright Night) is now middle aged and not so engaging. Neither is this film, written and directed by a BC Furtney. It is slow, boring, and not very pleasant or entertaining.

I did not enjoy it and I do not recommend it.

Reviewed by Nigel P 6 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

The first time we see writer Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys – who bears a resemblance to actor Andy Serkis), he is brutally torturing his boss Stanley Glissberg (Anthony Colliano), who is bound and naked in an ice filled bathtub. We're not sure why this is happening. The accompanying soundtrack sounds like the swarming of a hundred electronic bees.

Malek stays at this hotel because the ambiance is beneficial to his writing. His agent is Ava Collins (Tiffany Shepis) whose every sentiment is littered with so many profanities, she (possibly inadvertently) provides this strange, dark film with its few moments of raw humour. As time goes on, she is revealed not to be quite the stabilising influence on Malek she initially seems.

The small budget and direction conspire to give the hotel a pleasingly run-down atmosphere. The walls are permanently stained and there is clutter throughout, and Malek's neighbour Spitz (Ezra Buzzington, who would give an effective performance in 2012's 'Lost Lake') is a rampant sexual, permanently furious paraplegic.

Corey Hiam, who died in 2010, also features as a drunkard called Jasper Crash, inexplicably with a (bad) British accent. Other than that, he is surprisingly effective, Crash's wrecked disposition sadly reflective Hiam's own at that time.

This collection of grotesque characters helps imbue 'New Terminal Hotel' with a heightened sense of the macabre, so much so that the characters, no matter how finely explored, remain raw and enigmatic. This gives the film a truly odd, skewed sense of horror that is commendable for resulting in a production unlike anything else. Definitely an acquired taste, and deserving of more than just one viewing.

Released as 'New Terminal Hotel' in 2010, this met with little fanfare and was re-released as 'Do Not Disturb' three years later.

Reviewed by VinnieRattolle 8 / 10

A pretty solid little b-movie

Don Maleck (Stephen Geoffreys) is a revered Hollywood screenwriter who hasn't hacked out a script in quite some time. When agent Ava Collins (Tiffany Shepis) approaches Don in his skid row apartment to demand his latest pages, she discovers he's been getting into the mindset of serial killers for his latest script by becoming one. Rather than ratting him out, Ava decides to use Don's new hobby to her advantage.

The reviews here on IMDb are a bit befuddling - it's certainly not the utter crapfest that most have made it out to be. The film is talky with a plodding pace (it sorta has the feel of a stage play), but if you're looking for brutality and gore, it occasionally delivers the goods. And as for the talk, there's a lot of fun, pithy dialogue. Tony Award nominee Geoffreys (in his first lead role since 1988's "976-EVIL") gives a great performance and infuses the character with his patented brand of pathos; and Shepis matches him beat-for-beat, making her sleazy character downright lovable. Across the board, the rest of the acting is decent as well -- the weakest link is an obviously strung-out Corey Haim in a minor role (sporting a hokey Australian accent)... and even he isn't too bad.

I saw "Do Not Disturb" since the original version, "New Terminal Hotel," was yanked from circulation when RLJ Entertainment issued it on DVD. I'd like to see the original because it feels like there's something major missing in the truncated version (according to amazon's defunct listing, "Terminal" ran an extra 12 minutes). It's not much of a spoiler to say that Don is initially motivated to kill to avenge his girlfriend's death (this is made clear in the first scene) but that plot point seems to suffer in the edited version.

No, it's not particularly groundbreaking, but the film is a solid entry in the low-budget indie revenge-horror genre - and if you like Geoffreys (who spent too many years on the outer fringes of Hollywood), I'd certainly recommend it.

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