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Keira Knightley as Tinker Bell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by witcheslegacy 10 / 10


I love ❤️ this movie series & it was the best ever charlie Rowe played awesome Peter Pan he was amazing brilliant actor and Rhys Ifans played awesome Captain Hook to and Anna Friel played awesome captain Bonny as well and It was good to see Bob Hoskins again as Smee and the special effects were amazing and now I know how peter and Hook became enemies and how Peter cut off Hooks hand and why they became enemies for good and how peter chose not to grow up and he chose to stay in Neverland and how peter learned to fly it was funny to when he realised was in the air but I love ❤️ every minute of it this movie and series nick willing did a fantastic job on this and how peter came to be aka Peter Pan and best part is using a magic orb to transform them to Neverland so I will give this movie and to series a 10 - 10 well done to actor s and cast and crew

Reviewed by Tony 4 / 10

Just too long.

Didn't realize this had been made as a series, but it shows when watching it as a full film. It might have worked if they'd got some serious editing done first. It drags on and on for hours to the point that what was interesting becomes boring. Gave it 4 because other than the tedium it was well made.

Reviewed by zkonedog 3 / 10

The Worst Of Its Kind

When SciFi made "Tin Man", I was blown away by the imaginative spin on such a classic story. I was less impressed by "Alice", but still enjoyed parts of it. Sadly, "Neverland" continues that downward trend by producing a paper-thin storyline "backed up" by acting that was equally as weak.

For a basic plot summary, "Neverland" tells the story of how James Hook, Peter Pan, and a gang of "Lost Boys" end up in the wondrous Neverland world, as well as how they all grow into the roles we are accustomed to seeing from them. The story begins in early 20th century London, where Hook is harboring a gaggle of street boys who serve to protect his "business interests" (i.e. petty theft). When one stolen object transports the lot of them into Neverland, however, Hook shows his true colors while Pan & Co. must decide who to cast their lot with...the pirates or the Indians.

The trouble with this miniseries, plain and simple, is that it is just so poorly written. The basis of the "first time in Neverland" plot is okay, but everything beyond that is underachieving. There are no compelling motivations for the characters to act as they do, while the characters themselves are written about as shallow as humanly possible. Never once during the entire production did I feel even a twinge of emotional or genuine feeling for anything that was going on. There are a few "canon moments" that elicited a reaction from me, and that is the only reason I can give the experience two stars (1.5 would be more exact).

The sub-par acting only hurts matters. While Charlie Rowe is passable as Peter, the two other "pirate leads" (Rhys Ifans & Anna Friel) are uninspiring to say the least. They may be decent actors in their own right (I don't know much about either of them), but it doesn't shine through whatsoever here. The same goes for any other pirate, Indian, or Lost Boy...they don't produce a connection to any character. Again, however, this was likely in large part due to the "polished turd" effect of such a stinker script.

One special note: What probably (more than anything) gave me the confidence to pull this review out of rock-bottom (1-star) status was the performance of Bob Hoskins as Smee, reprising his role from Steven Spielberg's "Hook". He is an absolute joy to watch and steals nearly ever scene he's involved in!

Overall, a miniseries prequel of this nature can be judged successful only if, after watching, the viewer can judge it worthy of the original material's "canon". I cannot make that claim for "Neverland". It doesn't really cheapen the canon in any way, but just completely fails to execute what could have been a decent idea instead. If you are looking for a "Pan fix", go watch "Hook" again'll get much more out of it than this prolonged piece of mediocrity.

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