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Keira Knightley as Tinker Bell
Anna Friel as Elizabeth Bonny
Charles Dance as Doctor Richard Fludd
Raoul Trujillo as Holy Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MadBadMovieman 3 / 10

A Neverland that Never Delivers

My Wife & I really looked forward to this special show and were so disappointed. The characters were interesting in the beginning and then mostly not that likable. Plot so far off and jazzed up with low budget special effects from the original story that it was painful to watch at some points. The events in Neverland were so "Dark" that it was hard to feel good at the end. Poor editing for the TV-Commercial format were like they literally chopped scenes for commercials. The most abrupt ending going to credits and commercials for the next shows not appreciated. SyFy Channel used to do better. Wished we had back the (3)hours of viewing time for something better. Feel sorry for everyone who watched the full 4 hours with commercials.

Reviewed by witcheslegacy 10 / 10


I love ❤️ this movie series & it was the best ever charlie Rowe played awesome Peter Pan he was amazing brilliant actor and Rhys Ifans played awesome Captain Hook to and Anna Friel played awesome captain Bonny as well and It was good to see Bob Hoskins again as Smee and the special effects were amazing and now I know how peter and Hook became enemies and how Peter cut off Hooks hand and why they became enemies for good and how peter chose not to grow up and he chose to stay in Neverland and how peter learned to fly it was funny to when he realised was in the air but I love ❤️ every minute of it this movie and series nick willing did a fantastic job on this and how peter came to be aka Peter Pan and best part is using a magic orb to transform them to Neverland so I will give this movie and to series a 10 - 10 well done to actor s and cast and crew

Reviewed by Tony 4 / 10

Just too long.

Didn't realize this had been made as a series, but it shows when watching it as a full film. It might have worked if they'd got some serious editing done first. It drags on and on for hours to the point that what was interesting becomes boring. Gave it 4 because other than the tedium it was well made.

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