Never Grow Old


Action / Drama / Thriller / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
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John Cusack as Dutch Albert
Emile Hirsch as Patrick Tate
Danny Webb as Preacher Pike
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billcr12 8 / 10

Good vs Evil

John Cusack and Emile Hirsch make this film worth watching. Hirsch is an Irish carpenter and undertaker whose business has taken a severe hit due to a fire and brimstone minister's campaign to clean up an old west town's tavern and brothel. Along comes Cusack's sinful character who brings both ladies of the night and booze to liven up things a bit. Dead bodies turn up at an alarming rate and the undertaker makes a killing. Of course it is a Faustian bargain with unforeseen consequences. An excellent script and fine Irish countryside as background make this a top notch movie. A solid 8/10.

Reviewed by jjdavid-53070 1 / 10

Very boring and weak story line

Let me start by saying I am a fan of both Emile Hirsch and John Cusack. But this is a horrible movie. Do not waste your time watching this. From start to finish this movie is a borefest. The story is loose and pieces of the movie doesn't fit or doesn't make much sense. I only continued watching it because I thought it must get better soon. But it never happened. Definitely wish I skipped this one.

Reviewed by dlbott 6 / 10

For nonsensefans

FYI, as for hair.. historically speaking hair was generally long and mostly dirty and not combed or styled in any way. Cutting hair was expensive and usually done at home or by your own hand. This includes shaving. Most men had hair that was long and dirty. Bath's were not taken on a daily basis.

Some period film's actually try and get this part right, even though the hair is usually clean and kept but just long. This too not the case generally for the period.

This is why you see allot of facial hair as well as long and oily or dirty hair in period films. One of the least expensive and easy ways to show actual period in film.

I hope this answers your why don't they keep hair short question. Picture your head, if you attempted cutting it with shears by yourself and no mirror and it was dirty because you did not wash everyday. Why it was long much of the time and also because in this period long hair was a sign of virility and considered handsome, not the other way around.....

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