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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas ([email protected]) 4 / 10

Starts off okay, but quickly turns into a huge mess

"Nerve" is a 95-minute thriller from this year that is based on a novel by Jeanne Ryan. Jessica Sharzer ("Speak", "American Horror Story") adapted the work for the screen and the directors are Henry Joost and Ariel Schuman, both known mostly for "Catfish" so far. The lead actress is Emma Roberts and the only other cast members I knew in here were her co-lead Dave Franco, brother of James, and Juliette Lewis playing the main character's mother. Most of the cast, also because of the subject, are pretty young aspiring actors that do not (yet?) have a big name. I kinda liked Emily Meade (even if the friendship story between her and the main character was one of the weakest parts of the film) and I can see her having a good future in film. But lets look a bit at the now and this movie. It is a take on Big Brother with a mix of "Hunger Games" and an ounce of David Fincher's "The Game", so if you hear all this you already know it is a mostly dark take on the age of surveillance. Here we have a young woman who gets told by her best friend that she just isn't taking enough risks to lead a fulfilling life. So she agrees to join in a virtual reality game called "Nerve", in which she gets watched constantly by thousands of people while she has to fulfill quests. These quests quickly get her to join forces with Franco's character.

And from that moment on, the two are out there together and the Watchers see them and hope for them to start a relationship. There is some situational comedy in this film and this was mostly working well. But sadly, in stark contrast to that, the real core of the film was not working for the most part. I am referring to the dramatic thriller sequences. They start off okay, but the script is quickly lost in a whirlwind of desperate attempt to become more controversial, more shocking and more relevant. The social commentary/criticism, which is what the film really is all about, also with a reference to our world, becomes complete garbage at some point and lacks realism entirely. One major problem is Roberts' main character. In one scene, she is scared to step on the motorcycle, int he next she accelerated the bike with her driver blindfolded. A rush of adrenaline cannot explain that. Same can be said about the ladder climbing scene. Lets not forget: This film takes place over the course of one evening/night and I just refuse to believe a character would change like that from one second to the next on all these contradictory occasions.

At some point, I felt the film really went for nothing than shock value and it was very empty and irrelevant as a consequence. Police won't do anything to stop the hosts of the game, even after a kid died earlier and probably more did looking at the risky actions. But a teenage boy and his pals can hack into the system and send messages that call everybody an "accessory to murder". This was maybe the most embarrassing moment, even if the idea about ending it at the very end felt very false as a whole. And why would everybody, even the "bad" guy, know about her plan, but Franco's character, the one closest to her, would not know? There were just so many scenes that did not make any sense at all in the second half of the film. Emma Roberts did not impress me at all. sure this is a film that is much more about the story and plot than about individual performances, but I was shocked how irrelevant her character and performance felt throughout the entire film. A more gifted actress certainly could have elevated the material and her speech in front of the crowd at the very end was nothing special either, more on the cringeworthy side. Franco, a fairly mediocre actor himself, looked really strong next too her. And Juliette Lewis? Oh well. I felt almost sorry for her about what they gave her in terms of the script. The character added absolutely nothing at all, but that's not Lewis' fault, just because of the way she was written. Apart from that, I refuse to believe that the crowd would really want her to die. First of all, humans aren't that cruel, second of all we were led to believe they loved her immediately the moment she entered the game. Make up your mind filmmakers and please don't give me the argument of people's opinions changing fast.

Okay, enough said. I am fairly disappointed here. This was definitely a missed opportunity. The film showed some solid premise early, but it quickly turned into a huge mess. I am actually glad it was relatively short and did not get any closer to the two-hour mark. I have not read the book this is based on, so no idea who is to blame and if the base material is also really weak, but if not, then I can not image Ryan being too happy with the way this turned out overall. I just hope they don't get the idea at some point to make a sequel here. This original was already underwhelming enough. I certainly do not recommend the watch. The longer it went, the worse it became, also with the ridiculously bad rushed-in happy ending for everybody. Stay away from this film.

Reviewed by davidsalmon 4 / 10

Vine and Pokemon Go had a baby (and the Kardashians are the Godparents

I struggled staying until the end of that movie, probably because I am not within the right demographic,so I'd say, if you are shaving already, this movie is probably not for you! (But if you are not shaving yet I am not sure I would like you to see that movie) I usually enjoy college silly movies or even some high school centered movies, but this was too much for me. Only good reason to see this movie might be for a drinking game: take a shot every time they say "OMG!" This movie is surfing big time the Pokémon Go wave, it is an ode to so many things that as an adult,are bothering me: the social media addiction(Vine,FB, Instagram), it puts ego-centrism, greed, instant gratification, instant fame into the spotlight. It encourages people to break the rules for fame, it makes attention seekers, extreme thrill seekers looks cool. But at the end there is a nice little twist and a lame moralizing lesson, which tells us do not go too far, friendship and life is more important, awwww so true, soooo nice, but...too late, the movie just spent 90 min showing people that all this crap was cool, pretty much being an enabler, validating addictive, dangerous behaviors, in front of a young susceptible audience! (or an older audience wondering why the hell I am here) We all read stories of selfie takers who fell from a crane or roof or cliff because they were trying to score a cool shot for their social media profiles... The movie is rather fast paced, but it is just watching a succession of dares: steal this, be naked, get a tattoo, risk your is actually not funny nor entertaining to watch this. The main actors are likable, but it is was not enough to make me forget how idiotic this movie was. I was fooled by the 7 average, but then I realized 80% of the people watching this movie were below 25, so like I said in my opening statement, this is for a younger audience (who might pause their Pokémon Go hunt or their posting on FB, VIne, Insta... for the duration of this movie, and get their nose back into their phone screen as soon as the movie is over)

Reviewed by darkreignn 10 / 10

Completely blew me away - the most fun I've had at the theatre so far this year

Starring the amazing and very pretty Emma Roberts, and the always charismatic Dave Franco, "Nerve" is a new thriller about a high school senior named Venus (Emma) who joins an online community, called Nerve, of adrenaline-junkies where anonymous watchers can dare players to do, well, whatever they want to see someone do.

From start to finish, this film is a non-stop white-knuckle thrill ride that is exciting, intense, romantic, and most importantly, a lot of fun. Trust me, you will have a smile on your face the entire runtime of this movie, and you'll also be on the edge of your seat. Now, I'm going to be honest, maybe my low expectations made this movie better to me than it really is, but I can't help that I had an absolute blast watching this film.

One thing that was great about this movie was that the dares were realistic, and didn't feel ridiculous. All of the things that Venus is dared to do are things that you know actually could happen in real life. The dares range from her getting a tattoo, to her having to go 60 miles per hour on a motorcycle while the driver, Ian (Dave Franco), is blindfolded, and while the dares get more and more intense as the film goes on, nothing felt overly unbelievable or too exaggerated just for the sake of putting it in the film.

And watching Venus and Ian complete their dares and gain money was so much fun to watch. Their chemistry was fantastic, and I bought their friendship throughout the film. What can I say? They made a cute on-screen couple. It was also satisfying to see Venus go from a shy and timid girl to an adrenaline junky, but hey, I'd do the same thing if someone was offering me thousands of dollars.

The world building in this film was very believable as well. The game of Nerve felt like a phenomenon, and it actually felt like something that could happen in real life. There were shots of the city that showed the different usernames of all of the different people who were logged into the game, and this was an effective way of conveying just how popular Nerve was in the films universe.

The color palette was also hypnotizing. Bright, vibrant, neon reds, blues, and purples are a feast for the eyes, and the soundtrack, which is comprised of light techno music, accompanies and mixes with the colors very well and fits the overall tone of the film.

"Nerve" is a fantastically fun and incredibly intense movie that has great chemistry between Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, great visuals to go with an awesome soundtrack, and cool action sequences in the form of the dares that the characters have to complete. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who just wants to spend an hour and a half gripping their seat with a smile on their face.

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