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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
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Juliette Lewis as Nancy
Dave Franco as Ian
Emily Meade as Sydney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rileyburch-46729 8 / 10

Good Movie...

I really enjoyed this movie, and I will definitely be recommending this to my friends. The soundtrack for this album is phenomenal, and really helps to bring the movie to the next level. The one issue I have with this movie is I was incredibly anxious during many points, making it hard for me to focus on the actual story. Other than that, very good.

Reviewed by erickabantolopez 7 / 10

A postmodern version of the banality of evil

Nerve is the typical story of one who overcomes his fears by taking unexpected risks, but also the nth cinematographic representation of the Cavafy Ithaka, in which the journey (the situations the protagonist experiences) is more important than obtaining what he initially wanted: Venus, the shy young photographer of this story, begins by entering a virtual game of real challenges in order to overcome her fears and silence her friend, but ends up trapped between her own ambitions and the constant pressure from other players to get to through dangerous challenges, more money, popularity and fun. Almost at the end, a fortuitous revelation and the subsequent violation of a rule of the game will put her life at risk and lead her to design strategies to save herself.

In the background, Nerve shows the ability of the Internet to house social structures that, as Hannah Arendt said of Nazism, end up functioning by themselves without control, eroding freedom and trivializing evil. But it also shows, with bluntness, two great certainties of the human condition: that in social life, we all participate by action or omission; and that in the face of the unjustified presence of death, we always seek consolation and security in our moral values.

Reviewed by simranaujla 8 / 10

Amazing soundtrack

The best bit of the movie is the middle - the part where they're actually playing the game. It all goes horribly cringe as soon as Vee goes up to the policeman. The soundtrack is the best thing about this movie; it's feel good free music that fits so perfectly to the vibe of the movie.

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