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Rose Byrne as Kelly Radner
Seth Rogen as Mac Radner
Zac Efron as Teddy Sanders
Steve Carell as TV News
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asktms 1 / 10

100% Trailer Movie

Trailer Movie {Definition}: Any motion picture, video or film whereby the movie's funniest, scariest and/or most dramatic/action scene(s), is included, coupled w both plot & overall-message in less than a 3:00 minute 'trailer', rendering the actual full-length film a complete & utter waste of time. There are hoards of bad 'trailer movies'; however, 'Neighbors' is arguably the quintessential trailer movie of all time. It's as though the creators of this flick, were attempting to force a square peg (e.g. a 2x4), into a round hole (a mouse's rectum). Perhaps one day, rating movie-trailers will become as mainstream, as rating the actual movie itself..., and should that day ever arrive, this trailer will well deserve a strong '8', because like a high-dollar Vegas call girl, sipping on champagne at the Mirage, I ultimately paid for the night's rental.

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 8 / 10

Very fun Seth Rogen comedy

'Bad Neighbours' is a really enjoyable and well-made comedy. Plenty of laughs throughout, with a great cast and decent ending. Rogen plays his usual loveable buffoon and Byrne is surprisingly good as his wife, as she's allowed to keep her Aussie accent, rather than doing a fake American one. But the way they act together, with their cute baby, is quite realistic and charming. The whole plot is really simple - a frat moves in, they don't like it, so a battle to get rid of them escalates.

There's an excellent support cast - Hannibal Buress as the cop (particularly the Garfield bit), Lisa Kudrow as the Dean & Jason Mantzoukas as the doctor all have some great lines. There's some drawn-out fraternity/party scenes, but overall it's well-paced, with constant jokes and funny moments throughout. Even the baby gets a few laughs, particularly during the calendar shoot!

Efron & (the younger) Franco do a good job as the frat-boys, but it's pretty predictable - except for some of the pranks (& fights) they pull, which have heaps of laughs. It's probably not as good as 'Old School', but still better than some of Rogen's recent comedies.

Reviewed by jaretricejhr 9 / 10

Okay...why the bad reviews?

I have been going through the User Reviews and all I see are 1s and 2s...and it's honestly a mystery to me. I feel like the reviews are just a bunch of parents in their 30s to mid 40s that thought the movie was about acting more mature and to not have fun. No, the message was that being a parent doesn't have to keep you from having fun from time to time, but always be sure it's at the right time. They became cool with each other in the end, if you just watched it and didn't leave the theater immediately, and ran home to write a review. And a bunch of other people said that the movie was "vulgar and brainless", which shows me enough that people don't into movies as much as they should, in fact, I don't think people look into these kinds of movies at all. Yes, I understand that this movie has a lot of drug use and profanity, and there is a good amount of crude humor with sexual content and graphic nudity, but that doesn't really make the movie completely vulgar. This movie had a lot behind that adults need to understand. Plus, not to mention, it was a movie about frat boys living next door, were you expecting this movie's humor to be pleasant? I honestly thought this movie was fairly funny, especially the airbag scenes, and even if it wasn't, I'd still enjoy it, because it lets you know that you can still have fun from time to time, and nothing will keep you from doing that for a long time. You have to look into a movie more before you review it.

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