Need for Speed: Underground 2



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Kelly Brook as Nikki Morris
Crystal Lowe as Magazine Model
Brooke Burke-Charvet as Rachel Teller

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Reviewed by dhee-raj 9 / 10

awesome game

This game is totally recommended to any gamer racer or not. It has a lot of vehicles and you can totally pimp your ride! Anything to hydraulics to bumpers or Spinners to nitrous! Its amazing. The only problem is that the car cannot get damaged. This game also has a burnout 3 demo! this game is the best! It also has a free roam mode where you could drive around the city sort of like to GTA or midnight club 2. The graphics are so real and the spinners spin like never before! You can get any car from a Mustang to a Skyline or a GTO to a Rx8. You could totally change the look of the car. You wouldn't believe the car customization possibilities! I recommend you at least try it.

Reviewed by saxon-7 7 / 10

Pimp YOUR ride

Starting up from where Underground left, you arrive in Bayview and must once again start from scratch by pimping and enhancing your ride and rise through the ranks.

This game is not very different from NfS:Underground (nor should it be) except that it's a new town and you have more cars and visuals to choose from (to be expected) and a few new types of races (street X and a new Drift variant). The graphics and sounds has of cause improved but in the game play and last ability categories it hasn't change much.

In fact there isn't much different between Underground and Underground 2, Underground 2 misses the exactly same things as Underground, mainly that you can't damage the car in anyway, but this is a general thing for NfS games up to this point (bar Porsche).

The difficulty levels also lacks some sense, easy and medium is almost too easy and hard is indeed HARD, I found myself unable to beat the opponents in one of the URL races even with a maxed out car at that given point in the game (granted it's wasn't the fastest car money can buy in the game nor had i fiddled with with it, but still I should be able to at least hang on to them). While you can pimp the car with many visuals, I find the selection of Roof Scoops and Side Mirrors lacking (maybe it's just me but I don't like the overall look of the cars with practically all of the options).

This is a good game but lacks that little thing that makes it great, a 7 out of 10.

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