Navy Seals vs. Zombies


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95%
IMDb Rating 3.3 10 1595


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Rick Fox as Vice President Bentley
Sue-Lynn Ansari as Senate Reporter
Molly Hagan as CIA Agent Stacy Thomas
Ed Quinn as Lt. Pete Cunningham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by breakplatinum 1 / 10

So bad, it's funny

-zombie, "hey let's drag this cop in front so the dashcam can see us eat him." -cringe acting -why do the politicians look like they came from goodwill on suit special day -navy seal guy, "hey let me drag these video feeds from this screen to the exact same looking screen so you can see it better"

Reviewed by sddavis63 6 / 10

Decent Zombie Flick With A Confusing Title

I was confused from the very beginning - and I still am, a little bit. I notice that here the film is listed as "Navy Seals vs. Zombies." That makes perfect sense, because that title sums up the movie perfectly. I watched in on Netflix Canada though - and there it's listed as Navy Seals: The Battle For New Orleans." So I spent a lot of the 90 minutes wondering how New Orleans found its way into the title, since the whole movie is about a zombie outbreak in Baton Rouge - and as far as I can remember there wasn't a single reference to New Orleans in the entire movie. I notice that there are reviewers on various sites who say that this movie is about a zombie invasion of New Orleans. But it isn't. It's about a zombie outbreak in Baton Rouge. It's all very confusing. Did somebody somewhere (in coming up with that alternative title) not realize that New Orleans and Baton Rouge are not the same place?

The confusion around the title notwithstanding, I found this surprisingly enjoyable. It's a fairly simple and straightforward, low budget movie with a largely unknown cast. You expect little out of it - you get more than you expect. There was one chuckle in this. The cable news network that was reporting on the outbreak was called "ZNN." Yeah. Too cute. At first you're kind of set up to believe that the outbreak is a result of an enemy attack using some sort of biological weapon - "to bring a superpower to its knees" as one character says. But it turns out that the biological weapon seems to have been created in a US government lab and it accidentally got out. I wasn't entirely clear on whether you had to actually die to become a "zombie" or just be infected through a bite. It was made clear that you had to shoot the zombies in the head to do away with them.

Most of the movie is set in Baton Rouge (with a little bit at a Seals command centre in Virginia Beach) as a Navy Seals team enters the city and tries to evacuate (1) the Vice President, who's stranded in the city, and (2) scientists at the lab where the virus was created in the hopes that they might be able to make an antidote. Most of it is a pretty standard battle against the zombies. That's becoming a bit too routine, what with the zombie plague currently on the go on movies and television. But it's still a decent action flick, whose ending seems to be a bit of a tribute to US Navy Seals. If you're into the zombie genre, this is worth taking in. (6/10)

Reviewed by ladmo-32716 4 / 10

Well . . .

I love these low-budget flicks; bad special effects and acting that is all over the map. I would have scored this one higher if it weren't for the pretty obvious shots of people (not in the movie) shopping and driving around in the background. I know it's a horror/sci-fi flick, but those scenes--and there are many--are quite jarring. If you can discount those, then sit back, turn off your brain, and enjoy.

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