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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enhaxed 8 / 10

For Fans of Thoughtful Scifi

Really enjoyed this movie, the acting was excellent and the story engaging. Definitely for true fans of the scifi genre. If you're looking for a superficial CGI driven western in space this isn't it.

Reviewed by amallassi 10 / 10

Unpredictable and haunting

Quality cast and incredible atmosphere. What starts as a fairly simple premise soon morphs into a myriad of twists and thought provoking concepts. As with all great Sci-fi it takes a very current issue and explores it in a magnified future. Very refreshingly compared to some predictable modern storytelling I genuinely had no idea where the characters were going to go next. A beautifully unhurried pace and mood that harks back to 70s and early 80s film making. Native leaves you thinking about its questions about modern society for a long time after. Very recommended.

Reviewed by mgl-92037 3 / 10

Warning! This movie is awful.

Because of the other, very positive reviews, I felt I should put down something more accurate. This movie features aliens who are on their way to earth, which their hive has detected by some sort of transmission. The aliens are played by human actors without any augmentation or makeup. Almost nothing happens for the entire movie. The two leads struggle to make something out of the laughable plot and horrible dialogue, but do not succeed.

Some critics have mistaken confused and nothing happening with cerebral. I watched until the end only to see if the end would in any way make the rest of the movie worth watching. It did not. Stay away.

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