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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CousinBagunca 2 / 10

You'll bite your nails out of regret.

What were they thinking... I really don't know. I guess they came up with a fair overall idea, but couldn't find a good way to throw the main characters into it. The main reason is that the majority time of the movie takes place inside the cellar, which is boring and adds nothing to the movie story (which, believe it or not, is about vampire- like monsters).

Also, what's up with the movie title? It's not misleading, mainly because it doesn't lead us to anything. The whole overall idea, which is this "monster town", could be used another way entirely! Actually, I think this whole monster town thing could be a nice concept (though, overused), and could make the movie a lot better if done right; but it was not! Remarks to the acting too: it's terrible. Underacting at its finest!

Overall, mediocre B-movie. Only watch if you're into bad movies for entertainment or curiosity... at your own risk!

Reviewed by fclermont777 3 / 10

I regret watching this. A lot.

Look, go play outside, or you know what? Just wait and no nothing for an hour and a half. Meditate or something. Or watch something else.

The acting is bad, camera work is bad, dialogue is bad, most of the time the action is outside of camera frame, and when you see something, it's not believable at all. Thw whole plot is bad. The reactions are bad. The characters are seriously stupid as f***.

This is not a "this is so bad it's good" bad movie, it's a "I am ashamed of myself for choosing this movie" bad movie.

You deserve more than this. Don't lose your time.

By the way, I love horror movies. It's all I watch. And I regret giving attention to this one. I hope everyone involved in this movie are actively looking into another career field.

Reviewed by Alan Bannacheck 8 / 10

Never Drive During a Tornado Watch

A mother and her three daughters are going on a weekend trip when they soon find themselves caught in the middle of a storm. A tornado heads directly for their car so they seek shelter in an abandoned wine cellar. They discover they are trapped and whoever owns the house wants to keep it that way. Within the shadows something begins to stir. They are not alone in the darkness...

I give it a B- because although predictable, it offers good acting and the feeling of claustrophobia. The characters are also likable and more three dimensional then cereal box creature features. The creatures themselves wouldn't make a five year old wet their pants, but it's the idea that suppose to be scary. Check this movie out if you are a horror fan. It's at least entertaining.

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