Mystic River


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
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Emmy Rossum as Katie Markum
Kevin Bacon as Sean Devine
Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum
Laura Linney as Annabeth Markum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by art 1 / 10

A complete mess--don't waste your time or money

*******SPOILERS BELOW******* So, it was the mute kid and his friend that did it? And they accidently shot her and then had to shoot her again and beat her with a hockey stick so she wouldn's tell? Give me a break. What a let down. What a slow, painful way to spend 2 1/4 hours. Tim Robbins, one of my favorites, was so miscast. What was the point of this movie? And the conservation at the end where Jimmy's wife tells him he is strong and then beds him? What was that all about? I wish I had seen Kill Bill for the third time instead.

Reviewed by MO-66 5 / 10

Very Problematic

Glad to see there are other disappointed viewers of Mystic River. This is the movie that could have been good based on the story. But the actual script, directing and yes, acting , are off just enough so that the parts to do not add up to an exceptional whole. Sean Penn was really "ACTING" as hard as he could, Marcia Gay Harden seemed overly fidgety and pathetic. SPOILERS: The biggest weaknesses of this movie are the story elements- why did Sean Penn's relationship with his daughter seem incestuous and yet that was never examined, why is Tim Robbins in a gay cruising area when he attacks and kills a man, what does Kevin Bacon's estranged wife have to do with any of this (except to confirm that it's a "happy" ending for him), why does Laura Linney suddenly turn into Lady Macbeth at the end- excuse me, was Lady Macbeth even in this film before the end? And the main thread of the movie- who killed Sean Penn's daughter- oops, it was just a couple of foolish kids and they don't know why they did it. Oops, sorry. The potential for tragedy is so untapped here- the little kid that actually committed the murder should have done it for revenge- Sean Penn killed his father years before! Hello, why is there no connection here other than a weak coincidence that up til then had been the PLOT! Clint Eastwood dropped the ball big time.

Reviewed by Upasna Sachdeva 8 / 10

Powerful Bleakness

One of the most dark and depressing movies and stories ever come across, yet Mystic River is a pleasure to watch and more than that, to think about at laying awake in bed nights after. A summation of brilliant subtle & understated acting, pushed to the limits by the fact that every character had something boiling beneath the surface and an undercurrent of swinging hopefulness yet hopelessness.

The key idea that the movie brings out is that there is no redemption. And no escape. It sells the disheartening idea that everything perpetuates through our lives - our griefs, our prejudices, our weaknesses, our flaws and that there is no escaping these. That there are no arcs, despite everything we see we don't really change. There are givers and takers, the weak and strong, the bullies and the bullied. It says that the weak will forever remain the weak, the bullied will remain bullied forever. In fact, it goes on so much as to hint that these "characteristics" of ours will propagate from one generation to another. The weak will attract the weak and the kings will attract the queens. No redemption and no escape. Terrible, depressing idea isn't it. Could makes one want to kill themselves as it did in the movie.

In cinema, where most stories show characters developing and changing through their lives, this movie says the opposite - that even over twenty odd years, our basic traits and choices remain the same. Reminds me of that poem in the Synecdoche, New York: "Whoever has no house now, will never have one. Whoever is alone, will stay alone. Will sit, read, write long letters, through the evening. And wander the boulevards, up and down, restlessly. While the dry leaves, are blowing."

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