Mystery Road


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 4712


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Hugo Weaving as Johnno
Ryan Kwanten as Pete Bailey
Bruce Spence as Jim the Coroner
Jack Thompson as Charlie Murray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 9 / 10

"When time has its way with you,not even your dreams can bring it back."

After watching the superb "ripped from the headlines" Aussie Noir mini-series Deep Water recently,I read reviews by a fellow IMDber. Nearing the end of a page,I noticed a tantalising Aussie Noir title.Finding the name of the flick familiar,I found out that it was about to air on TV! Which led to me going down the mystery road.

The plot:

Returning to his old small town where his ex-wife and daughter live, aboriginal Detective Jay Swan is sent to investigate the body of an aboriginal teenage girl found at an "unofficial pit-stop." Learning that her name was Julie Mason,Swan finds out that Mason was an addict,who was a hooker that had sex with truckers at the stop. Searching for info from Mason's pals,Swan tracks down her phone,and finds messages from his daughter. Whilst trying to find out what his daughter is caught up in,Swan begins to notice that a number of his fellow officers appear very keen in stopping from going down a road that gets to the heart of the case,and the town.

View on the film:

Retaining the way he could give a calm situation an underlying sense of menace in the first Matrix flick, Hugo Weaving gives a chilling performance as cop Johnno,whose "friendly" small-talk and shoulder taps to Swan crackle with a sinister unease,whilst Ryan Kwanten (minus his fake Deep South accent from True Blood) gives a creepy performance as Pete Bailey,with Kwanten using space to open the uncomfortable mood between Bailey and Swan. Gliding in wearing cowboy boots and hat, Aaron Pedersen gives a marvellous performance as lone Noir "cowboy" Jay Swan,as Pedersen gives Swan a Noir gravitas over the horrific treatment of fellow aboriginals,with a rebellious kick to clear the town of all the outlaws standing on the road.

Stroking the brittle Noir tension with coiled crane shots scanning the decayed wilderness for figures wanting Swan to not uncover the full mystery,writer/director/editor/cinematographer/composer Ivan Sen breaths unrelenting dread into the landscape,with lingering looks at Swan's face displaying the shot of anxiety cast across his face,as Swan finds himself a Noir loner in a town that wants to keep its mystery.

Hitting Swan with bullets of racism,the screenplay by Sen exposes the mistreatment of aboriginals in its rawest form,where people who live in run-down housing projects are treated like dirt,and Swan's aboriginal roots are mercilessly leaned on for threats. Pulling Mason's body from the roadside,Swan drives down a cracking Noir mystery Thriller. Limiting the violence to short rounds of bloodshed,Sen brilliantly uses the scorching hot setting to give the dialogue a heaviness that is pulled by the murky underbelly that Swan finds under the mystery road.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 8 / 10

Technically perfect Police Procedural

Arguably a bit slow by western standards, this film sneaks under the wire due to an uncredited cast member who puts in a stellar performance.


This jaded reviewer found the experience hypnotic. Also there was a sense that time moves differently in that country. That what seemed slow to us may be normal to the natives.

For example, if this review was penned in Australia maybe it would be twice as long? Sen is a master director who cares about every character, every scene, and every line of dialog.

You don't see that every day. Literally.


Reviewed by fmbr-1 7 / 10

Mostly Good

There was a lot that was good in this film, but a few sour notes brought it down a little. The good: First and foremost, Pedersen's performance is great. He is in every scene and certainly carries the film. He is supported by the cream of Australian acting to tell an excellent story of crime and corruption in the outback. Finally, we get treated to some great cinematography of the Australian terrain with wide horizons and gorgeous sunrise/sunsets. The bad: It's slow. There are a lot of scenes of people just staring off into the distance, looking at the ground or doing other things and not talking or doing anything else. This leads to it being a little difficult to tell what is happening and there are some unanswered questions - such as who's side was Jonhno (Hugo Weaving) on? He was a cop that knew about the drugs but didn't arrest those involved. He helped Jay Swan at the end, but didn't start shooting until the fight had already begun? Was the police chief in on it? Finally, after everyone has been shot, there is no follow up. Jay Swan just goes home without filling out any paperwork or any other cop like activities which one would think would happen. This would have been handy to clarify what happened.

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