My Trip Back to the Dark Side


Action / Thriller

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Sean Young as Actress
Betsy Russell as Destiny
Courtney Gains as Bobby G.
Ron Masak as Mr. James Griffin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10


Shawn Stone (Jason Pace) is an Independent Film Director/writer down on his luck. His recent production love story "Cut Corners" was legally stolen by an investor and he is also in hock $225,000 for the film. His wife Emily (Brienne De Beau) leaves him the same day. In debt and gloomy he attends a friends bachelor party where he meets an old backer who offers him a job directing a classic adult film like "Pirates" or "Caligula."

Shawn knows he can do the film way under budget and contemplates pocketing the surplus. About 55 minutes into the film it starts off with a series of twists and lies that take us to the end, giving the plot an inconsistency that causes one to start to lose interest. The individual scenes and dialogue writing was good (minus a couple of slow scenes) but fell short from becoming a quirky cult classic.

Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity ( pron stars and strippers including Aubrey Addams, Jamie Janek, Christina Arnpriester, Amy Asmuth, Nikki Benz + others ) Curtis Young (Dr. Dre's son) plays himself.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10

Currently this has an 8.2 score?!?!

Currently this film has a score of 8.2. I will make no accusations but cannot understand how anyone could score this film with an 8, 9 or 10.

Who is the audience for this movie?! After all, My Trip Back to the Dark Side is filled with gratuitous nudity from start to finish…yet it's hardly sexy. On the other hand, it wants to be a serious suspense film….but it has gratuitous nudity from start to finish! And, to make it even worse, just about everyone in the film is a low-life. My advice is that if you wanna watch porn, watch something that is sexy…not this film. And, you really cannot take this poorly written and unintentionally silly film very seriously, so it's not at all suspenseful.

Shortly after the film begins, you see Sean Young (yes, THAT Sean Young) working on a movie. She's playing herself and you rightfully assume it's a Sean Young film. Well, that is NOT the case and Miss Young only appears here briefly and at the end….again, very briefly. However, during these small scenes, she easily has the best moments in the film. She's crude but quite funny when she plays herself.

As for the rest of the film, the plot often makes little sense and, if you think about it, the leading man and his part in the film is really unnecessary to the plot!! I have never seen this in a movie before and I doubt if I'll see it again, but Shawn (Jason Pace) really does nothing during the film but whine about a movie he wants to create as the plot unfolds all around him—and doesn't really involve him at all! It's weird and rather sloppy. And, it's not interesting.

Much of the film is like porn. Huge portions are filmed in a strip club where there is lots of nudity and there are a few sex scenes. However, none of it seemed very interesting or even necessary. This is especially the case because it's supposed to be a film about a mob killing—and it takes a very, very long time for that to occur. Frankly, the film seemed sloppy and poor throughout and I cannot see the typical porn lover to be the least bit satisfied. And, as far as suspense goes, the film is less suspenseful than deciding whether or not to have toast or a bagel for breakfast. My feeling is that the film only worked in the Sean Young scenes because these parts didn't take themselves very seriously…other than that, I cannot see anything to recommend this film. I know it sounds like I am being rough on this one, but I lost 92 minutes of my life with My Trip Back to the Dark Side!

Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

Boring movie about making porn and a bunch of stripper clips sewn together

It seems that any hint of crime thriller here is only a pretext for showing naked ladies. My Trip Back to the Dark Side is one of the movies which has pointless plot, yet takes much too long to build up. Expect lots of ranting and nagging conversations before even the faintest of noir story takes place. It's definitely not worth investing time even for thriller fans, in fact the movie's only good point is its promiscuous scenes.

Story follows Shawn (Jason Pace) who is down on his luck. The movie he worked so hard on was canceled, and now he is given the chance to make porn for dubious characters for high sum of money. For the casting and script, the movie aims to be humorous and it does seem bizarre enough to be authentic, but it wastes so much time rehearsing unnecessary plot. It's boorish and tedious, especially with the crime drama toned down.

There's not much presentation to be had, you can delve further into technical aspect like cinematography, although everything here is mediocre at best. It doesn't have comedy or thrill, in fact for one and half hour runtime it's incredibly shallow and empty.

The movie almost like an inside joke on how to make porn looks much grandeur that it really is. The most time this movie captures audience's attention would be when attractive ladies perform flexible motions with their unclothed bodies.

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