My Sister's Keeper


Action / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 83856


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Abigail Breslin as Anna Fitzgerald
Cameron Diaz as Sara Fitzgerald
Emily Deschanel as Dr. Farquad
Elizabeth Daily as Nurse Susan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aviellsegall 10 / 10

wow Wow Wow !

This is a multi emotions movie !

I was : Crying and laughing, Angry and confused, Decisive and indecisive, Dreamer and practical, Amazed and disappointed.

Life worth living and death worth dying,

Oh my god - this movie is so good !

Reviewed by Coral Grainger 1 / 10

Just NO

I cannot understand how anyone rated this 4 stars. this movie is terrible. The movie keeps loosing focus, at one point the little girl, Anna is told that her court hearing will be on Friday, since they don't give a date, we can only assume that its this Friday, yet in the period of time between now and 'Friday' Anna's sister Kate, gets a boyfriend, goes on loads of dates, goes to the prom with the by she is madly in love with, looses her virginity to him and he dies! all before Friday! wow, quick relationship! the age gaps, make no sense, when we see a flash back to Kate and her brother Jesse as kids we see that they both look about 4-5 so we can assume they are twins, or very similar in age. but the synopsis says they are a 4 year age gap! what! later on, we here that Anna is 11, so that means that Kate is about 14-15, okay, well she does look that age. but then why is she going to prom and loosing her virginity! plus at the end of the movie Anna explains that Jesse went back to school, back from where! hes 14-15 why isn't he in school! sure your sister is dying but the school system doesn't accept that as an excuse. and lastly the one thing I'm sure your all thinking! why is the mum such a B*TCH!when she found out that her daughter had cancer, she immediately took to making another child so that her first daughter could have a chance of living! I'm sooooo surprised this movie isn't called "spare parts" because that's what it felt like it should be called! the whole way through it seemed like Anna was a slave! made to donate parts of her body to her sister. if Kate wasn't ill Anna wouldn't exist. how is Anna not more messed up by the fact that her parents only had her so that they could chop her up and steal her blood and bones and organs! OMG what is wrong with these parents. why did no one ever discuss the moral issue here! the parents said that they didn't want to see their child in pain and they wanted to make Kate better. it doesn't make sense that they would make one child better by breaking the other and operating on a child against there will! imagine if Anna had gotten really ill from all these surgeries, what you gonna do make another kid to fix that kid, then that one get ill, whoops! better have more kids so we can get more free spare parts! OMG THIS FAMILY GAHHHHH!

Reviewed by aarongrierson-79741 1 / 10

This movie can't be taken seriously


Well, we're watching this movie in school because we're talking about donor siblings. There were, give or take, 10 girls in my class, and I think all of them cried at some point. But I just sat there, mouth agape, wondering how this movie could be worse than "The Notebook".

Its main problem is that it doesn't really follow the book at all. In the end of the book, Anna is involved in a car crash after winning her case and, while she is brain dead, her lawyer, turned attorney, makes an arrangement to give Kate her sister's kidney. Kate recovers but Anna dies.

In the movie, Kate dies. There, that's it. Maybe they thought Anna's death in the book was too upsetting for the movie, and by all means I can understand that, but it's a core part of the book that Kate recovers. It would have given the movie a feel-good look, that cancer doesn't always equal a death sentence. Instead, they kill off Kate, and it doesn't feel right.

Cameron Diaz isn't very convincing either. The movie seems much more interested in making you cry than giving a story that seems believable.

All in all, this isn't the worst movie I have ever seen, but there are some very major flaws. I wouldn't recommend it if you're a big fan of the novel, because they botch it up here in the movie.

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