My Little Pony: Equestria Girls


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Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle
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Ashleigh Ball as Applejack / Rainbow Dash
Michelle Creber as Apple Bloom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barbaradavis-39578 10 / 10

A Pretty Good Movie

this movie is a good Hasbro movie for kids but i never saw it i heard it was a good movie so this movie is pretty good i love how twilight became a human and spike became a dog and the another main characters became a human too so this movie is a good movie it's way better then the original my little pony

Reviewed by tapio_hietamaki 6 / 10

A candy-colored pony flick for fans of the TV show

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is an adorable TV show that attracted an audience beyond its intended target group. It's been embraced by boys and adults as well as the teen girls that traditionally played with My Little Pony toys, mostly because it's more of a character driven show and has some catchy tunes.

Because of its massive popularity, it's no surprise that it should spawn spin-off movies. These came as the 'Equestria Girls' series, where the ponies are cast into an alternate dimension where they manifest as human girls. So in this movie we get to see the beloved pony characters in human form. The story mostly focuses on how Twilight Sparkle struggles to understand the human world, walk on two feet and use her hands to move objects instead of her magic horn. The other ponies don't do dimension jumping, their alternate world counterparts were always humans and Twilight is the only one to cross from world to world.

Suitable for fans of the show, 'Equestria Girls' is similar to the two-parter season finales of the TV shows. These usually introduce some kind of evil villain who threatens the safety of the pony world and must be made to see the light of friendship. The same happens in 'Equestria Girls'. This time the villain is literally a bat-winged, red-eyed demon.

But what's the point of making ponies into humans? Why, to sell more toys of course.

Reviewed by jediforce10 4 / 10

A bland movie that severely lacks any of the magic FiM has

Since its launch in 2010, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been critically acclaimed as one of the greatest shows of the modern era. It's fantastic line up of characters, good morals, and good comedy made for something really magical. While the show itself has hit some big bumps here or there, it's still going strong.

With all of this success, Hasbro decided that a TV movie series was needed about Twilight being in another world. That world, of course, being the human world and her being in high school. A simple question has to be asked in regards to this whole thing: Why? With all of the creativity in FiM in both the show and fandom, why choose something so generic and bland as the high school setting? My only guess about that was because Hasbro wanted to compete with Mattel's Monster High series. Even with that said, I feel that something like this was bound to be not as good as FiM, but I was willing to give it a fair shake.

The story is simplistic. Twilight Sparkle has her crown stolen by Princess Celestia's former student, Sunset Shimmer. Twilight has to chase her through a magical mirror that takes her to an alternative world where every pony is actually a human. Now Twilight must race to get the crown back and bring an end to Sunset Shimmer's dark reign over the school.

The story itself is just a complete and total bore. I know this is a kid's movie and the plot shouldn't be complex, but FiM has taken some predictable story lines and spiced them up. This story is pretty much paint by the numbers about how things go. From the story about Sunset never losing the Fall Formal, to Twilight being the underdog in the competition for the crown, it is very simplistic and predictable. It feels like they were playing it too safe with this movie. There's nothing really about the story that stands out.

The writing is okay for the most part. There are a few good lines here and there and, while the jokes about Twilight fitting into the human world are predictable, some of them are pretty decent. There are some pretty good moments such as Twilight and Spike in the library, or really just any scene with Twilight and Spike talking with each other.

The writing also manages to nail down the characters in their human forms to the best extent. You can all look at the human forms of the Mane 6 and see how similar they are to their FiM counterparts. Their designs overall are decent at best. All the characters have their own unique design that stand out well.

The other characters are alright at best, bar for one. The villain, Sunset Shimmer, is a pretty good villain, but not as good as some of the other past villains from FiM. I did like how much of a polar opposite she was to Twilight, and I generally enjoyed any of the scenes with her and Twilight. She honestly ends up being the best thing about this movie.

Then we have the "romance" interest. I say romance in the lightest form possible because this has to be some of the worst romance writing ever. Flash Sentry is pretty much a stock tool. He ultimately has no character to him whatsoever. The only thing we do know about him is that he just plays a guitar, and that's it. Yet for some reason, Twilight falls for him. There's no buildup to it, no real interaction between them aside from some really awkward dialogue, and ultimately feels very forced. Simply put, this is some of the worst romance I've ever seen in any form of media.

The songs are honestly a bit of a mixed bag. They're pretty decent for what they are, but nothing amazing to be honest. The only one that I enjoyed was the one about the Humane 5 encouraging the students to help Twilight win the crown. For the most part though, the songs are decent at best and forgettable at worst.

The final battle is okay as well, but nothing too exciting. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the series opener's final showdown with Nightmare Moon. Twilight uses the Elements of Harmony from each of her human friends to ultimately wipe out Sunset and "reform" her. The problem I have with this reformation is that it feels rushed. She's blasted with the Elements, and then suddenly turns good. It feels off and confusing. I kind of wish they added a bit more of Twilight and Sunset trying to duke it out with each other instead of them constantly doing a predictable chase after the crown bit. The ending does leave the door open for a sequel, and surprise there were three (soon to be four) sequels to this movie.

Equestria Girls isn't an awful movie, but the problem is that this movie really reeks of blandness in almost every way. It's story is not very generic, but the human world really has nothing about it that stands out at all. The characters, aside from Sunset, Twilight, and Spike, are kind of bland as well. The romance interest, as I said, feels awkward and forced. The final conflict feels pretty short lived and I felt Sunset's turn to good was a little too quick.

Every once in a while, it does have a decent scene with Sunset, Twilight, or Spike, and a few of the songs are okay, but they can't save this movie. There's not much to say about Equestria Girls because of how much it just feels so stale and predictable. Unless you are a die hard fan of the high school drama stories, you are probably better off skipping this movie.

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