My Left Foot


Action / Biography / Drama

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Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown
Cyril Cusack as Lord Castlewelland
Brenda Fricker as Mrs. Brown
Fiona Shaw as Dr. Eileen Cole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kamna-46423 10 / 10

Outstanding movie

Incomparable and impeccable performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. I can't believe it took me over 28 years to actually watch this. Fairly generic biopic of Christy brown showing about his accomplishments and fight against all the odd circumstances in very tasteful and compassionate manner. It is a must watch.

Reviewed by altntasnazmi 9 / 10

Great man Daniel Day Lewis

I have seen many film by Daniel Day Lewis. But it emerged from this film that it would be a great actor. Every character he plays reflects the realm of the field as real. Maybe it's because I like biography movies. I hope it's a joke in recent days when you say that it's leaving the film. Because in world cinema more is learned.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 8 / 10

Really good bio Irish movie with Day-Lewis

Seriously you would ask yourself "Has Daniel Day-Lewis ever pulled any muscles on his face while filming?". He was brilliant for pulling it off and staying in character. He really showed and made me aware of the challenges a person with cerbal palsy can face! Like the most amazing thing I learned about the real Christy Brown, he painted with his life foot and Christ almighty, the paintings were absolutely out there!

Man I wish I was able to paint like that especially using your left foot and never mind using both hands! However since I am not interested in painting, I think I'll pass on this haha. Also Brenda Fricker was excellent too by acting as a wonderful Irish mother who cared about Christy and never gave up on him! I tell ya, she was better than the other mothers on that street who called Christy an eejit for making "noises" while the mother was unconscious. I felt like I wanted to shake them and tell them to go look themselves in the mirror, disability is everywhere like! It was very shameful how disability was frowned upon during the 60's/70's. At least Brown proved them wrong and was successful in his art/writing career!

Really good movie, just watch it, it really stands out well for an Irish film!

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