My Friend Dahmer


Biography / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 6827


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Vincent Kartheiser as Dr. Matthews
Anne Heche as Joyce Dahmer
Dallas Roberts as Lionel Dahmer
Ross Lynch as Jeff Dahmer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Johnny Soory Aseel 8 / 10

A Star in the Making

I am writing this review to shed a light on the amazing, masterful, Oscar worthy performance of Ross Lynch. As far as I've noticed, it is his first big screen performance, and he delivers. He is definitely worthy of an award for best actor. The way he portrays the character is so realistic, that I cannot imagine him being other than this in real life, in the sense that he embodies the character brilliantly. Regarding the movie, I like movies that leave you feeling a bit confused. Am I supposed to sympathize with him? Is that what the movie was about? There is no way to feel empathy for a person who committed those horrible crimes, but if the movie made you even consider it, makes it brilliant. Eventually, I realized that I was infatuated with Ross Lynch's acting so much, that I was actually liking him as an actor in that role, but not the person he was portraying.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 5 / 10

Could've/should've been so much more

I've been interested in this title since I heard about it midway through last year. I checked the rating before seeing it and was very pleased to see an 'R'. This meant that they were going to do more than just explore his origins, but actually show us some of the good stuff as well (at least that's what I thought it meant). Turns out I was very wrong and I frankly have no idea how this film attained the rating it did. It doesn't make any sense.

Something I've noticed about serial killer origin movies is that they all feel almost exactly the same. They all seem obsessed with showing the animal torture and murder side of things like it's something ground-breaking. It's not. In fact it's fast becoming a cliche.

I wanted a lot more from this film. I wanted it to be darker and I wanted more of a conclusion, rather than just a lead up to the start of it all. The film just comes across very "meh". I could see a documentary being a lot more exciting way to get this information across than what we got here. The one bright point of the movie was Ross Lynch's performance in the lead role. Without blowing anyone away he held his own and did what needed to be done. Other than that though there isn't a whole lot to see here.

Reviewed by cathantazo 8 / 10

Who is Dahmer before all his killings?

People might think that this is a plain, old, boring, kind of movie since it doesn't really show any murder, but it is not. This movie basically just shows his transition into being this person who hesitates, to being certain that he wants to major in killing. Ross Lynch made an astounding performance and so as the others. Great movie!

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