My Cousin Vinny


Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 92317


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Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito
Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini
Ralph Macchio as Bill Gambini
Fred Gwynne as Judge Chamberlain Haller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattymatt4ever 8 / 10

Brooklyn lawyer Pesci tries to save the "two yutes" from frying in the electric chair. Classic!

"My Cousin Vinny," along with the megahit "Goodfellas," put Pesci on the map. Of course, he's been in the Scorcese's previous hit "Raging Bull," but didn't get a hell of a lot of recognition at the time. Joe Pesci's character of Vincent LaGuardia Gambini is a landmark character in comedy history. When his New Yauker street smarts collide with Southern hospitality--brilliant fish-out-of-water humor ensues!

Of course, Pesci should've be given all the credit. Marisa Tomei, who RIGHTFULLY won the Supporting Oscar for her excellent performance (please don't believe that urban myth about Jack Palance calling out the wrong name!!), is hilarious as Pesci's fiance with a foul mouth, a smart a**, the heaviest Brooklyn accent and an incredible expertise in automobiles. This was also the movie that made Marisa a star, and a performance I commend to this day.

What can I say? This movie has some of the most priceless bits of comedy. One, of course, involves Pesci's pronunciation of the word "youth" which sounds like "yute." One underrated bit is the one where Pesci first meets his cousin's friend (Mitchell Whitfield) in the jail cell. His cousin (Ralph Macchio) is asleep and Pesci suddenly pays the friend a visit. He doesn't know Pesci is the lawyer, and assumes he's some guy who...wants to make him his b**ch. The comic dialogue in that scene is so perfectly executed and I feel it's one of the funniest in the movie. I'm not going to give away any more of the film's slick, intelligent humor--You have to see it for yourself!!!

If you're in the mood for a smart, well-written, well-acted comedy that will have you on the floor--look no further! "My Cousin Vinny" doesn't disappoint in any of those aspects. This is a truly memorable piece of comedy, and though it was released in 1992, I'm sure comedy lovers will pay homage to this movie in the present day.

My score: 8 (out of 10)

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 8 / 10

La Guardia x Chamberlain Haller!!

Despite the amazing acting by Marisa Tomei who gave her the Oscar in a supporting role,the main attraction without doubt is around La Guardia and The judge Chamberlain Haller,they are quite opposite each other,they lives in different worlds,the chemistry between both is outrageous hilarious,since the beginning...they are a case apart...which steal the whole movie,the funniest moments are polarized by their stunning acting!!Maybe the best performance of Joe Pesci in your entire career including Goodfellas!!


First watch: 1994 / How many: 4 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8

Reviewed by writers_reign 8 / 10

Trial And Errors

If this film was rated nine out of ten on its original release it's STILL an eight minimum all these years later, it's just a case of EVERYTHING, story, setting, and performances coming together and really complementing each other. It could of course be argued that to a certain extent it was manipulative; for one thing it's set in Alabama and seasoned film buffs know that in certain situations the Deep South sends itself up without really trying. Next you have the culture shock, sophisticated (by definition) Noo Yawkers, yet naïve with it when adrift in the boonies. Throw in an uncouth lawyer who hasn't actually tried a murder case and pit him against a courtly judge of the old school and what's not to like. Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei are beyond praise and it's criminal that no one ever exploited their outstanding talents subsequently. Fred Gywnne would have walked away with the movie if he hadn't come up against Tomei and Pesci. Brilliant.

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