My Cousin Vinny


Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 90457


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Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito
Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini
Ralph Macchio as Bill Gambini
Fred Gwynne as Judge Chamberlain Haller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 8 / 10

La Guardia x Chamberlain Haller!!

Despite the amazing acting by Marisa Tomei who gave her the Oscar in a supporting role,the main attraction without doubt is around La Guardia and The judge Chamberlain Haller,they are quite opposite each other,they lives in different worlds,the chemistry between both is outrageous hilarious,since the beginning...they are a case apart...which steal the whole movie,the funniest moments are polarized by their stunning acting!!Maybe the best performance of Joe Pesci in your entire career including Goodfellas!!


First watch: 1994 / How many: 4 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8

Reviewed by writers_reign 8 / 10

Trial And Errors

If this film was rated nine out of ten on its original release it's STILL an eight minimum all these years later, it's just a case of EVERYTHING, story, setting, and performances coming together and really complementing each other. It could of course be argued that to a certain extent it was manipulative; for one thing it's set in Alabama and seasoned film buffs know that in certain situations the Deep South sends itself up without really trying. Next you have the culture shock, sophisticated (by definition) Noo Yawkers, yet naïve with it when adrift in the boonies. Throw in an uncouth lawyer who hasn't actually tried a murder case and pit him against a courtly judge of the old school and what's not to like. Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei are beyond praise and it's criminal that no one ever exploited their outstanding talents subsequently. Fred Gywnne would have walked away with the movie if he hadn't come up against Tomei and Pesci. Brilliant.

Reviewed by thejcowboy22 6 / 10

The clothing store has the flu and I prefer my grits al dente!

Sometimes you walk into a place with a swagger, a confidence. Feeling that no matter what, you have this. Personally I'm not the most presumptuous person on the planet but I recall meeting with a condominium board submitting my application for approval on a duplex. This dwelling consisted of three upstairs bedrooms, two baths, washer/dryer with backyard and front porch. I was self employed with no debts and as far as I knew the board would whisk my application through toot sweet. Three middle aged persons sat across from me. The assessors went over my application with a look of disdain. I wondered what the looks of concerns were as they gazed upon those printed sheets. After a while I said "WELL"? They pulled out my credit report and found an item from 1982 where I was late on an equipment payment that amounted to $3000.00. To my knowledge the payment was made but the bad mark stood on my record. They told me to leave the room for a decision. A few minute passed, the condo board called me in and rejected my condominium application. I was shocked , I was livid, I was beside myself. I told them there all full of S--t! This brings me to the comedy where Brooklyn meets Alabama in the Courtroom comedy My Cousin Vinny. Driving in a southerly direction Billy Gambini (Ralph Macchio) and Stan Rothenstein (Mitchell Whitfield) stop off at a convenience store to buy some snacks. They accidentally swipe an extra can of tuna as the two leave the establishment and ride of in a mint green skylark convertible. A few moments later the local police pull them over and send them to the local police station. They are questioned by Sheriff Farley (Bruce McGill)and still in the dark as what they are charged for? A stolen can of tuna perhaps? No, their charged with first degree murder for killing the shop clerk at that convenience store. Off to prison the two youths or yutes go. Billy calls his Mom with the one phone call. Billy exasperated asks his Mom, "Do we have any lawyers in the family?" Enter our colorful couple Joe Pesce as Vincent Gambini as the leather clad fledgling attorney at large and mini skirted Mona Lisa Vito (Marissa Tomei) with her fling camera always ready for a picture. The two New Yorker's step out of there car totally out of place looking for Chinese food in rural Alabama. Attorney Gambini goes to the local prison to meet his defendants. Stan never met Vinny and thought he was another inmate wanting to have relations with him until cousin Billy wakes up and explains that this is our attorney. Stanley questions his credentials which are paltry and non applicable to this case . Vincent goes on about passing the Bar exam in 6 tries with zero courtroom experience. On to the hearing where Vinny Gambini meets the prosecutor Jim Trotter (Lane Smith) and the Judge The honorable Chamberlain Haller (Fred Gwynne). Vinny seems very confident and comfortable sitting on the defendant's desk. The writer of this movie was very stringent in courtroom procedure which was very necessary in the making of the film. Vinny Gambini's abrasive behavior clashed with the Yale grad southern Judge as Vinny found himself time after time in contempt and off to prison for a good nights sleep with his defendants. Fred Gwynne plays the skeptical Judge as he constantly questions Gambini's experience or lack off. Procedure is Gambini's weakness but his he makes up for it in his aggressive questioning style in grits preparation, dirty screens and failing eye glasses. Marissa Tomei expertise in auto-motives is masterful despite being a hostile witness. Austin Pendleton adds some stuttering texture to a comedy filled trial you soon wont forget. The hysterical dialogue between Gywnne and Pesce would make a sullen John Housman crack a smile. Unfortunately this was one of Fred Gwynne's final performances as he was battling cancer and passed away a year later.

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