My Cousin Rachel


Drama / Mystery / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
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Sam Claflin as Philip
Rachel Weisz as Rachel Ashley
Holliday Grainger as Louise Kendall
Iain Glen as Nick Kendall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by damian-fuller 7 / 10

Du Maurier Was A Lady

Rachel, of course, comes out of the heart and mind of Daphne Du Maurier, the same author who gave us Rebecca and even if we never met her we discover she was a nasty piece of business, she also gave us Melanie Daniels in The Birds, the spoiled rich girl from San Francisco. Here, Rachel is more of an enigma and as played by Rachel Weisz, a dangerously, too good to be true lady of mystery. Rachel Weisz is absolutely captivating and perhaps that's why I was so aware of Sam Claflin's shortcomings as an an actor. I don't want to be unkind. He has presence and charm but I was painfully aware of the performance, specially when he has Rachel Weisz being totally present in the moment. Roger Michell allows the candles, the jewels and the locations to have their moments, beautifully. Recommend it for a stormy Sunday afternoon.

Reviewed by beladornon2 3 / 10


MY COUSIN RACHEL, starring the beautiful Sam Claflin and the disturbingly well-preserved Rachel Weisz, is one of those period pieces which is so full of questions that I wouldn't recommend it to viewers with a sensitive intelligent nature, or a weak stomach. The script and story make about as much sense as carpeting in the kitchen. (And why did the director have the actors mumble all of their lines as fast as possible? What are they trying not to tell us? How long is this film, anyway?)

Who is this hot young guy riding through the Cornish countryside on his stallion? (Has he been adopted by his never-again seen cousin, or merely fostered by him? What was the cousin's name again? Who are all those other people?) It seems to be set in the Victorian period, and Cousin has gone off to Florence and married a half-Italian woman. (Is she also somehow his cousin, and also somehow the cousin's young ward's cousin? Does this family tree even branch?) Mysterious letters arrive, detailing Cousin's imminent death from a mysterious Ailment (Could it be Poison, or maybe a malignant Tumor?)

The ward trots off to Italy to meet an Italian guy who was acquainted with Cousin (What was his name again? Who's the Italian guy, and has Rachel really just vanished? Does anyone know a good restaurant in these parts?) Florence glistens sweatily in the background, packed with orange roofs and sweltering heat. Answers elude our young buck.

Young ward becomes master of the estate (What do they do on the estate? Is it a sheep farm? Why do the dogs live in the house, but no people?) After much scrubbing of the dog house with the help of Louis, the neighbor girl, a black-clad Rachel arrives and goes straight to her room without the confrontation the young ward was anticipating. (Did she poison the Cousin? Is she adulterous? How many dresses did she pack for the visit?)

Seasons come and go, and widow Rachel alternates between gaily charming and sullenly petulant. (Can you really get away with wearing just one huge black dress for a year? Why is she living alone in the house with the young ward? Is she smuggling cash out of the country? Has that enormous turkey on the dining room table really been cooked long enough?)

And then, because, you know, time has passed, the young ward turns twenty-five and all of the estate becomes legally his at last!- but he goes to a stickler lawyer and creates a document giving it all to Rachel until she remarries. Ecstatic with love for the mysterious moody Rachel, idiot boy rushes to her room, has sex with her (well really) and gives Rachel the paper that turns everything over to her. (Was this really smart, considering that she may well have poisoned everyone's cousin? Has the dog made off with my good shoes?)

Is this the last stupid thing he does? Can Rachel be trusted? Is the sky blue? (Actually, it's a weird cyan color because they fucked up all the colors in post-production.) Young-Hot-And-Stupid soon shows signs of *gasp* poisoning! (Should he continue to drink this bitter tea, even after he sees Rachel sprinkling some mysterious powder in it? What about the tomato soup?) (And why, in a house so packed with chairs and sofas and divans, does he always fall on the floor when he swoons? Couldn't he have developed better aim?)

Things look desperate, and just then Rachel plummets off a cliff and the idiot boy married that other woman.

NOT for the faint of heart. (Although I must say, if this were simply a series of high definition images with music and no muttered dialogue, it would have been spectacular. Could we recut the film, and just make it a Victorian music video?)

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

maddening character

Poor orphan Philip (Sam Claflin) was taken in and raised by his rich cousin Ambrose. Ambrose is sent to Italy for the sun by his doctors and he marries his cousin Rachel Ashley (Rachel Weisz). Philip receives a hidden message begging for help but Ambrose is dead by the time he arrives. He suspects Rachel of foul play but soon falls head over heals for her. Despite his godfather Kendall (Iain Glen)'s protest, he gives the family estate over to her. Louise (Holliday Grainger) is Kendall's daughter.

Philip is an infuriating character. I would believe it if the story writes in a love potion from Rachel. He is a crazy concoction of reckless naivety, puppy love, and jealousy. He is a maddening character as the protagonist. It's well acted but they are not an appealing couple. It is beautifully filmed. It's a maddening tale of human fallibility.

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