My Boss's Daughter


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 8%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 25929


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Tara Reid as Lisa Taylor
Ashton Kutcher as Tom Stansfield
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tiagofeits 10 / 10

Funny movie to have some laughs!

I don't get why the hate over this movie. Comedy is a genre to watch without compromise, you're there to laugh, and have some fun! This one gives you just that. Terrence Stamp shines along with Ashton, they're the stars. Ashton is the kind of guy who people relies to cover their butts, he's timid, reliable, and often gets little credit for his efforts. His boss is, well, every worker's nightmare, and the contrast of them both is what makes the movie enjoyable to watch. You have a lot of practical jokes, and while some may be a little too much, you'll get some good laughs. My advise is: don't take it too serious. I wasn't expecting much from it, watched it over cable TV, and had a blast. This movie deserves better.

Reviewed by curiousjasmine 3 / 10

This went from crude humor to another lame romantic comedy.

Well what can I say? The film is somewhat funny and bearable enough to finish but is tedious to the point of painful meanwhile kills time. The writers clearly were adamant about timing but it was effortful and the humor was sprinkled. Out of clear desperation the plot piggy backs off of earlier material to lay it on thick and is overall outlandish. Any form of appeal that the creators thought they could use they did whether it be through obscenity or provocation, I don't know who the target audience was but definitely not the classy type. Ashton Kutcher was put in a role that didn't seem too believable initially but then started to make sense as the film drew on but still in the end only proved to be utilitarian in the sense of making the film work not due to Ashton seeming the type. This film tapped into some striking issues regarding everything from race to weight and could've been funny yet influential but in the end goofiness took president over all else.

Reviewed by MERLIN ERDOGMUS 9 / 10

Holy schmoly!

This is my very first review of a movie and maybe the last. I watched this flick with a friend. The female character in this flick can think and speak in full sentences. The jokes are a mixture of experimental / weird / sinister humor and Manoj Shyamalan plot-twist jokes that keep you entertained at every level. This is definitely in the Scary-Movie-area or Sacha-Baron-Cohen section. If you wanna laugh more, you gotta take seriously hard drugs. The only thing that annoyed me, was the little to cheesy soundtrack. But even the score had it's parts, where it broke the 4th wall and it tried at least to be a bit original. We were watching at first this flick and after that we watched "An American Carol". American Carol has a rating of 4.3 and this one only 4.6, which really hurts me deep inside. Feels like you throw pearls before swine. Take it from me: Good comedy is rare nowadays. The film is aware of the setting that it gives you. The start is a little bumpy, but after 5 minutes you know you'll regret it, when the credits roll.

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