Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
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William Powell as Mr. Arthur Peabody
Ann Blyth as Mermaid
Robert Hyatt as Little Boy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenabell 7 / 10

A Film To Laugh At And Enjoy.

While taking a vacation in the Caribbean, Mr Peabody (Powell) hears a strange and hauntingly beautiful singing. To his best judgement, he believes it to be coming from the quay opposite the villa. On his investigation, he hears splashing water and finds a bejewelled hair slide so he returns home. The next day, the slide has gone and the singing has stopped. Upset at not finding the owner of the beautiful voice he contents himself with fishing... and what a catch he reels in. A beautiful mute mermaid who he decides to take home. This is when the comedy excels.

Powell is brilliant as Mr Peabody and is adept at delivering the comedic lines deadpan, which adds more to their power. It also helps that the whole thing is brilliantly written especially the narrative. Add to this, the excellent chemistry between Powell and Irene Hervey, who plays his wife Polly. Clinton Sundberg has the best character in the film; Mike Fitzgerald is a man going through changes after seeing his quack of a doctor. On the Doc's advice, he's given up smoking. His reaction to anybody who lights up is great. I really loved the beach scene. It had me laughing out loud. He even has his own style of speech which adds a more comedic aspect to the mix.

Even though Ann Blyth has no lines in the film, she still has a presence. Besides, who needs a voice when your face can speak volumes(?) And the swimming sections are well choreographed and filmed. She works well in the water.

When I watch this film it makes the majority of today's comedy flicks appear even more infantile than they are. This is a comedy film with class, wit, and good writing. I wish there were more like this being made today. Therefore, I recommend this to anybody who wants a good laugh.

Reviewed by writers_reign 6 / 10

Blyth Spirit

Back in 1948 moviegoers who were into mermaids were spoilt for choice between Glynis Johns in Miranda (UK) and Ann Blyth as Lenore in Mr.Peabody And The Mermaid. Unless or until Miranda is released on DVD, screened by some outfit like the NFT/AFT or televised by TCM or Talking Pictures (as Mr. Peabody was recently) we have no way of comparing and/or contrasting them which leaves us only Mr. Peabody to discuss. The biggest thing in its favour is William Powell as the eponymous character and if Powell has ever turned in a bad performance I have yet to see it. I've never really cared for Ann Blyth but here she weighs in with a half decent performance possibly because she doesn't speak. It's gossamer of course but with a screenplay by Nunnally Johnson and a leading man like William Powell it's Industrial strength gossamer and will reward the average viewer.

Reviewed by Jimmy L. 7 / 10

Overlooked comedy

I wasn't expecting much from this rather obscure comedy, so I was surprised by how funny it was. The script sparkles at times, making this an under-the-radar gem. If you're curious and have 90 minutes to spare, check it out. You might be in for a treat.

The vacationing Mr. Peabody (William Powell), struggling with middle age, takes in an enchanting young mermaid and finds himself in the middle of misunderstandings with his wife, his fellow residents, and the police. Powell is always great and he's joined by a very capable cast of lesser-known actors and actresses. Clinton Sundberg makes an impression as the dry-witted, cigarette-starved fellow American and Lumsden Hare is a hoot as a British soldier of the old school. Irene Hervey plays Powell's attractive wife, who never gives him the chance to set straight her mistaken notions. Ann Blyth (MILDRED PIERCE) is adorable with a tail fin.

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