Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story


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Kathleen Robertson as Colleen Howe
Lochlyn Munro as Bobby Hull
Michael Shanks as Gordie Howe
Martin Cummins as Bill Dineen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis63 6 / 10

Gordie Howe's Comeback Season

This made for TV movie is ambitiously titled, and therefore maybe a bit misleading. "Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story" can't really be said to live up to its title. It's basically about Gordie's comeback season in 1973-74. Retired for two years, and unhappily holding an executive position with his beloved Detroit Red Wings which gave him no involvement with the hockey operation, Howe was suddenly given a reason to make a comeback when the Houston Aeros of the upstart WHA drafted his two sons, Mark and Marty. Wanting to live out a lifelong dream, Gordie signs with the Aeros and returns to the game at the age of 45.

There's a lot in this movie that comes across as authentic. The rivalry between the NHL and the WHA is demonstrated through the bitterness of Red Wing owner Bruce Norris and Maple Leaf owner Harold Ballard. But much of this revolves around the internal dynamics of the Howe family - reluctantly moving to Texas so that Gordie could live this dream. The movie doesn't soft pedal the awkwardness of the situation faced by Marty and Mark. Gordie was a great hockey player - but also a tough one, nicknamed "Elbows" for his willingness to take out opponents and defend his team-mates. But, of course, when he does that for Marty and Mark, it only embarrasses them. Gordie becomes obsessed with proving that he belongs, obsessed with winning the scoring title, obsessed with leading the Aeros to the championship - sometimes at the expense of his family.

I thought the portrayal of Colleen Howe was a bit weak. She more or less ran the careers of Gordie, Marty and Mark, but we really didn't see that, except for one scene in which she negotiates with the Aeros' general manager.

Gordie's comeback is a worthy story. After the NHL-WHA merger, he played in the NHL until the age of 51 - an amazing accomplishment in a fast paced and rough game. It's a good portrayal of one very important WHA season. (6/10)

Reviewed by ChrisB13 6 / 10

Mr. Hockey: Michael Shanks is Great as Gordie Howe...Period!

I got to watch Mr. Hockey just the other night for the very first time and although I am not a hockey fan, found the film quite appealing and interesting. I am not altogether out of touch with the game and do, therefore, recognize one of the greatest names ever to play the game. I may have come in knowing next to nothing about him but I came out the other end appreciating, very much, the type of man, player, husband and father he was and, in my opinion, I think Michael Shanks did a stand-out job portraying Gordie Howe.

I cannot however, say much about the production of this film or the bulk of the cast either. Shanks was the only character that completely inhabited his part. Kathleen Robertson was good but far too young for the part of the 40 year old Colleen Howe. In my estimation the production was an unprofessional shambles from the rest of the casting to the direction and writing plus the clothing, make-up and hair styles of the era in which Gordie joined his sons in signing on with the WHA and the Houston (Howeston) Aeros team in 1973. Colleen Howe looked to be about 22 years of age instead of 40, which she would have been in 1973 having been born in 1933! We first see her in 1973 wearing a pair of gray suede heels designed in the next millennium! An obvious oversight?!?! The make-up used was all wrong for her and she wore an excruciating amount of it for the time. Instead of aging her a bit they made her up as though she were a flawless Barbie type Kewpie doll...and it was a huge mistake! The polyester clothing was particularly bad and out of step, even for the 70's and the fright wigs, especially the one donned by Bobby Hull, were annoyingly laughable rather than in any way real.

This was film designed to depict one year of his life...the 1973 season. He was only two years out of retirement but was severely out of shape. The thing I didn't quite comprehend was this...Colleen Howe seemed to be an absolute and borderline OCD perfectionist in every way! She ruled Gordie and the entire household with an iron fist and knew every nuance of everyone's life within the family unit. Why she didn't say something to him and why it took so long for it to dawn on Gordie that at age 45 and two years after retirement he could not get away with simply re-signing to play the game again is beyond me. The boys, his teammates, might have clued him in as well but didn't. They were both just OK in their roles but you had absolutely no sense of them as members of that family or as players at all. The daughter was OK too but she was stuck in between them somehow. The only other person I can say did well in his role was Howe's former teammate, Bill Dineen, played by Martin Cummins, who "defected" to the WHA and who hired Gordie as well as drafted the boys. Tom Anniko who played Bruce Norris was pretty darned good as least he was good enough to hate for his treatment of Howe after Gordie went to the WHA to join his boys on the ice!

Howe is the only player in the history of the game to compete in 6 decades of his life...he last took the ice at about age 70! I think it's a great little film for the sake of nostalgia but for my money, they gave Gordie Howe pretty short shrift! They might have given this icon of hockey a bit better script, story line and a decent production team to get this film done properly. They only had 14 producers on the film...and was this ever a case of too many cooks spoil the soup! It's worth a watch even if it's only to see Shanks in the role and to learn just a bit about the great Gordie Howe.

Reviewed by treuaiodmol 10 / 10

A movie for all hockey fans

Gordie Howe was a simple, quite man off the ice but on it, he is a force to be reckoned with. Nicknamed "elbows" due to his frequent use of them to other player's faces, he became "Mr. Hockey" by scoring 786 goals in his NHL career. After retiring from the Detroit Red Wings and taking a job in the head office, he decides to join the new World Hockey Association when a former teammate lands a job coaching the Houston Aeroes and drafts Gordie's 2 sons who are too young to play in the NHL. This is a great story of his rise to the top of the new league and also shows how gentile, yet firm, he is raising his own family. Respect for others, dignity and perseverance are all positive themes shown throughout this film. If you love the game or know someone who plays Hockey on any level, you will appreciate this great story based upon the real life of Gordie Howe.

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