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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dan-asle 5 / 10

Nothing new

Just a copy of the scenes for Into the Mind (2013), Planet Earth II (2016) and some RedBull content with different music. Even the exact same camera angles.

Reviewed by frock-93982 8 / 10

Best mountain movie footage yet but lame theme

This movie satisfied my wanderlust for mountain scenery with closeups of peaks, high altitudes, glaciers, crevasses, moonlit star-filled skies, and bivouacking sunrises that were lacking in David Breashear's IMAX films and all other mountain movies I have had the pleasure of watching on the big screen. The footage was fantastic! The score and narration were also impressive and the movie was enjoyable from beginning to end. However, I think the theme of "humility" (according to the Director) has been overdone many times and could have been much more than that. While the narration was absolutely poetic at times, the theme of humility juxtaposed with ego-charged young white men of privilege "conquering" the mountain's strength doesn't really add up. It would have set this film apart from the others if the focus was on the need for a close relationship with nature at any cost. The theme of the mountains "succumbing" to being conquered by adventure seekers could have been left out and the movie would have been an amazing, beautifully narrated depiction of the inner peace that comes from the quiet solitude of a mountain peak that we all seek but only a few are lucky to achieve.

Reviewed by snipera-24056 10 / 10

Beautiful yet sad

Wherever humanoids go, only dead remains.

Modern city monkeys have no idea about connection between man and nature. This movie is perfect reflection of human arrogance and mental poverty.

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