Mother and Child


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 10552


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Britt Robertson as Violet
Naomi Watts as Elizabeth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abrareessa 8 / 10

It touches my heart deeply.

This was so painful and hard, how a mother can easily give up on her child. It's a piece of her, person another person else! that's really so deep, that Allah gives one a child and another not. it makes me think carefully before getting a baby out to this cruel world.

I've really enjoyed this upset movie.

Reviewed by pmelvinshyturtle 1 / 10

Schmaltz! Scmaltz! Schmaltz!

Absolutely conventional, boring, predictable Hollywood schmaltz! Another soul-numbing movie written from a standard chick-flick template. I only watched it through to the end to see if I predicted the ending. I did. It completely caters to the lazy, obtuse film goer that doesn't care to be challenged in any way. That is to say, most of today's film watcher. This movie's been made thousands of times before, and will be made many times again.

Reviewed by secondtake 8 / 10

Adoption, redemption, love and lack of love--all the big stuff, well made

Mother and Child (2009)

A drama filled with crosscurrents and heavy emotional stuff, yet told in such a normal and realistic way we come to believe it. And like it. Especially the acting, with Naomi Watts and Annette Bening leading two generations (and defining the title).

More than just exploring what a woman and her daughter (or her mother) need from one another (and give), this is about that first stage of becoming a mother—and deciding whether to keep the baby at all. So you see, it gets huge. And then comes the long term issue of adoption and finding, with luck, your adopted mother. The anger and released fears and the decades of doubts all flip and resolve, and this is all here.

What helps all along is the imperfect characters. In fact, Watts (as the conniving, independent daughter) and Bening (as the bitter, lonely mother) are really unlikable. At first. What keeps you going is the tenderness of two of the men, played by Jimmy Smits and Samuel L. Jackson, both with wonderful subtlety. While it never becomes "father and child" at all, these men really help nurture the mother and daughter relationships.

So who is this Columbian director and writer who pulled this together so well? He's had a mixed career writing and producing, and directing, including some "Six Feet Under" episodes and other spot jobs. He seems to lean toward interpersonal dramas, and has a knack for playing down sentiment while tuning into emotional impact (which is very different). It works.

Some people might find the plot too controlled, too contrived (almost but not quite to the point of predictability). Others might find the restraint all a bit too realistic, so that you kind of see too much real life and not enough theater. For me it walked a great line between all these poles. Good stuff!

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