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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tcbnorge 1 / 10

Movies are for entertainment. This is not entertainment on any level.

This movie is the most boring thing ever.

I do get some of the symbolism. Meet Jennifer, she is mother earth. She is married to God. God is not happy and does not want to have sex, so he creates a man. God does not feel enough worship so he creates more people and suddenly you have a big cult. God finally is happy so he will have sex. He has a son that get killed in an bloody ritual. God think thats ok.

All the people worshipping god damages mother earth to the point she destroys everything, And it all starts over again.

The biggest problem her: The movie is not entertaining at all. If i want bible mythology i read the bible. If i want to now how we damage our planet i will educate my self in science.

The movie does not make me feel anything. Just bored to death.

Only plus side is good actors.

One thing you can learn from this move. Both the world and hollywood would be better of if religion finally was gone from the earth.

Reviewed by karenbluce 1 / 10

Worst movie Ive seen

What can I say..this movie was pure garbage from previews to opening scenes - unfortuantely as much as I tried fast frwrding throughout to see if any part of this movie picked up or had any redeaming such happening.

Jennifer Lawrence continue to bore just like she did in Hunger Games. The entire movie seemed to parade around close up shots of her face? Ed Harris and Michelle Pfieffer who I normally LOVE...extremely disappointing and downright scary. Ed Harris did not come over well in this. He usually is so great in his movies..he came across weak, weird, lanky, annoying and "old". Michelle was just white trashy weird - to some degree they were both playing this character but the entire movie made no connection as to "why"...very disjointed..nothing came together. Hollywood contines to spew out perverted messy, nasty garbage.

The most insulting and disturbing about this movie is how can ANYONE feel compelled to expect an audience to watch a brand new infant being ripped apart..and then the mother beaten senseless? Movie entertainment? Not even close. Im offended and will never watch anything from this producer and must say will think twice of ever supporting any of these actors.

Reviewed by alanroch4 10 / 10

Mother is more than a movie.

"Mother" is more than a movie, it's a masterpiece (work of art).

The rating does not match the work of the film because most of the people who watched the film did not understand the message. The movie is satire to religion to god, every scene, every detail is a hidden bible passage. For example: In one scene a man is in the bathroom and his back appears bruised, it means that he is Adam and his back is injured because God took his rib to make Eve. What I understood from the film is that it shows that God would be a selfish being that while man destroys the world and nature he only cares about being worshiped. You need to watch the movie and at the same time associate that part of the bible it is referring to, and which bible character each actor represents so you can see the art behind the scenes.

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