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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
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Domhnall Gleeson as Oldest Son
Kristen Wiig as Herald
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alanroch4 10 / 10

Mother is more than a movie.

"Mother" is more than a movie, it's a masterpiece (work of art).

The rating does not match the work of the film because most of the people who watched the film did not understand the message. The movie is satire to religion to god, every scene, every detail is a hidden bible passage. For example: In one scene a man is in the bathroom and his back appears bruised, it means that he is Adam and his back is injured because God took his rib to make Eve. What I understood from the film is that it shows that God would be a selfish being that while man destroys the world and nature he only cares about being worshiped. You need to watch the movie and at the same time associate that part of the bible it is referring to, and which bible character each actor represents so you can see the art behind the scenes.

Reviewed by bilismit 1 / 10

This Movie Should Be Called Mother Fuc***!

I had a feeling this would be a bad movie, but come on! For 1 hour nothing happens and then they cram all the crap in last remaining hour, and i mean every possible crap they can think of. You figure out who "Him" is around that other half of the movie, and after you see what happens, you kinda want the whole house to burn with everyone in it, including him and her. There was nothing pleasant in this movie, NOTHING! And Jenn was just awful, her screams in the movie made me want to scream. The horror in this movie is the feeling you get when its finished.

Reviewed by claus-49 2 / 10

The day director Aronofsky made a short film into a 2 hour artsy feature...

This film is so out of its own genre. Don't get me wrong - this is not a bad film! It is captivating, interesting and performance of both the Talent and the movie director and the effects team is not bad at all.

What I absolutely loathe about it, is how in love the director is with this whole concept that it ends up as self-indulgence and artsy fartsiness. Aronofsky completely loses himself over an idea and forgets to tell a story.

It's not that a film needs to have a certain storyline or points or profound happy endings and all that. It's just a matter of a movie being worthwhile. Our time is our most valuable asset in this world. And this movie just isn't worth the time. This film is a pointless charade. A tour de force of how a good craftsman can completely decide against giving the audience anything than a glimpse of an idea.. YES this film has a message to you and it is BIG but it is in essence also completely pointless as a film. Keep those 121 minutes of your life and spend them on something worthwhile... I would say the message of this film would be worthy of a 6 minutes short film or the Breaking News banner of CNN. Not a bad message, and not unimportant either. This is just the kind of storyteller at a party who will spend eternity of getting to a point that is just not that interesting.

It is in fact sad.. how the countless countless countless breathtaking scenes all leads to .. well - nothing more than a directors own tribute to an idea...

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