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Domhnall Gleeson as Oldest Son
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richardnolk 2 / 10

Well done but stupid

Supposedly this movie paralleled the story of Genesis. I read the step by step explanation of this and ya, sure, perhaps it did, but it would help if the actual movie's story made sense instead of just streaming together nonsensical scene after scene to create this parallel. And if you are a parent, be careful watching this movie, namely when people tear apart and eat a baby. Seriously. As per usual nowadays, less is no longer more, and they show it all. They certainly did their part for pushing our collective societies a little closer to collapse with this film and our desensitization to death and gore should now be complete. 2 stars because the movie was well done, great cast too. Too bad the movie made no sense, offered zero benefit to anyone and had no point at all except to further damage everyone's psyche, mind and spirit.

Reviewed by antoniocasaca123 8 / 10

A true and unforgettable movie experience

Nowadays, how many movies are made that really stimulate the viewer? That they make you think and interpret what you have seen? How many movies these days are true cinematographic experiences? Unfortunately the vast majority of current films are only concerned with ticket receipts, with money, with a return of the budget spent. Because of this mentality, especially in the United States, the space once granted for the creativity and freedom of filmmakers and screenwriters is nowadays increasingly small.

The movie "mother" is a great movie experience in virtually every aspect. What is needed is to enjoy and pay attention to the film and not to the popcorn. For most of the time, the photograph is colorless, the shades of the house are what you can expect and as the film becomes more frightening, your look becomes livelier and consequently aggressive. All the discomfort that arises during the process is complemented by the excellent sound effects. That house really has life, it really scares.

The actress Jennifer Lawrence again surprised by the positive, showing once again its versatility. The film prefers to always follow her point of view, rather than the other characters. It is an interpretation that works perfectly within its dynamic with the public. Empathy comes instantly, and after a long time observing its innocence being destroyed, it is very satisfying when the character finally revolts with everything that happens around it, if we take into account its initial calmness and sweetness.

See, review, analyze, interpret, exchange opinions with your friends about the film, because it is a creative and original cinematographic experience. We may not like everything, but it's great to see a movie like this. Because unfortunately today there are so few films to stimulate our imagination.

Reviewed by treywillwest 8 / 10


I think this Aronofsky's finest film by some measure, although I'm not generally the director's biggest fan. This is top-notch, playful, gruesome allegory that feels a bit like Von Trier, Polanski and Bunuel blended together. It's fully worthy of the Spanish surrealist in the blasphemy department. Creation, in the form of woman, is just the beast of burden whose labors creates a narcissistic God's bobble.

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