Most Likely to Murder



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gregorcorp 10 / 10

Fantastic Comedy-mystery

This is just a delight of a movie. Had me laughing the whole time (a few seriously big laughs that I'm gonna be thinking about for a while). But also the mystery was surprisingly smart and engaging, with a plot that kept me guessing. Adam Pally was hilarious and Rachel Bloom is just the best in everything she does.

Reviewed by ketny601 8 / 10

Adam Pally kills it

I randomly saw an ad for this movie on Instagram and liking Adam Pally (but not actually knowing his name) definitely wanted to check it out. He of course was hilarious as the down to earth and, to me, likeable Billy. Much of the supporting cast I was previously unfamiliar with, but thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone's performance definitely added to this quirky comedic take on a murder mystery. I sincerely recommend checking out this film.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 2 / 10

I Must Have Missed the Comedy Here

Adam Pally stars here as Billy, who's returning to his hometown of Valley Stream, Long Island, after a number of years away for Thanksgiving and to pack his things, as his parents are selling the house and moving to Sante Fe. When he was in high school there he was extremely popular, but also a prankster and a bully, even known as the King of Valley Stream.

However, Billy soon finds out that his schtick of the past has worn thin and his friends have matured for the most part and moved on with their lives. The plot will mostly center on Billy's suspicions that he's seen his neighbor (Vincent Kartheiser), who's now dating Billy's ex-girlfriend (Rachel Bloom) ,commit a murder.

Although this movie received rather glowing reviews from pro critics, I really was hard pressed to find the humor here, and I wondered if we all watched the same film. To me, the humor just fell flat or was just mean-spirited or even cringe inducing at times.

All in all, maybe this is a demographic thing as others may have thought it was funny but I was happy when it finally ended.

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