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Gunnar Hansen as Earl the Bankrobber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darthMisaskernew 9 / 10

The essential low-budget creature-feature of the 90's!

Watching low-budget horror films either on VHS rental or on midnight TV was part of growing up. The best part of friday's was that school was letting off and you'd be able to stay up til the crack of dawn watching whatever horror movies were on TV that night. Sometimes you'd watch a classic, but sometimes you'd watch a low-budget gem such as Mosquito. In fact, whenever I think of the late night B-movie from the 90's, Mosquito immediately pops into my head. This film is a B-movie masterpiece! It's got the gore, awesome practical effects, and great action, which is really all you need from a movie about giant mosquitoes! The film is clearly low budget and apparently used local actors such as teachers and lawyers, but also somehow managed to get ahold of horror legend Gunnar Hansen, who does an excellent job here! It also stars the bassist from The Stooges, which is random but still cool! The film is quick and very entertaining, and despite all of its stupidity, it also surpasses pretty much every other film of its kind. The writing is pretty good, some of the acting is good, and even the effects are mostly way better then they need to be. This if the perfect B-movie that goes perfect with beer, buffalo wings, and total darkness at 1am.

Reviewed by deadlyprey 2 / 10

Bad, not so bad it's good, not nanar, just simply not good, just bad.

This film is not entertaining in any way.

It's not cheesy and fun like Samurai Cop. It's not bad and funny like The Room, Birdemic, etc. It's not competent and great-at-what-it-is like Sharknado. And finally it's not as entertaining as AA supernatural insects/whatever attacks.

It's just bad. It's weak stuff.

The colors are drab and it looks like it was filmed in the 70's or 80's. It's a cheap sci-fi film like many, many others.

If you're looking for a movie so bad that it's good, this is not the right place. I did not laugh once. I did not even chuckle. It's not original in any way.

This is comparable to the Night of the Lepus.

Nothing more to say.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Cheesy comedy horror, nothing more, nothing less

An annoying first half of the film, with the over-emphasis on comedy and stupid jokes, soon gives way to what becomes an enjoyable B-movie monster romp, the kind you thought they'd stopped making but which still crop up every now and then. MOSQUITO must reference about a million horror films (from the inevitable ALIENS to WAR OF THE WORLDS) and has such a sense of jokey fun (including in-jokes such as a reporter's name being Alan Smithee) that you can't help but enjoy it.

It's a good, old-fashioned movie brought up to date in the 1990s, but sadly the special effects remain old-fashioned. In fact, I've actually seen better special effects in films from the 1970s. They range from some cool stop motion to some funny close-up models which are shoved through windows and the like, to some totally atrocious animation which pretty much ruins the film when it crops up, and even drawings are used in some scenes.

The cast is full of B-movie characters, from the pair of intrepid heroes to the black character in dungarees (who surprising, and happily, survives this film), to the slightly psychotic - yet good - criminal. The criminal in question is played this time around by Gunnar Hansen, the big actor famous for his role as Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Hansen's presence leads to the biggest movie in-joke of all time, when he picks up a chainsaw and remarks "Haven't handled one of these babies in twenty years. Feels good!".

Other in jokes include references to EVIL DEAD II amongst other horrors. MOSQUITO is cheesy, cheap, and cheerful. There should be more monster films like this, and less like THE RELIC! For a similar type of giant insect horror (in a slightly gorier fashion) check out TICKS, the spiritual brother of this film.

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