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Joe Pesci as Mr. Big
Elizabeth Taylor as Herself
Paul Reubens as Pee-wee Herman
Clancy Brown as Police Officer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Petar Kurschner Photography 10 / 10

Good old times !

I was a kid .. crazy about Michael Jackson. His music, his dancing .. He was and is the greatest of all times. Few days ago a friend gave me a present .. "Moonwalker" DVD .. I just couldn't believe it! So I took my time and saw the movie again.. After a lot of years, and it kicked me back in time. I almost cried. Not because of Michael Jackson but of the good old times I remembered back than when I went to his concerts, enjoying music and dancing. The movie gave me some other perspective than back then when i was a kid. You can truly see the parody that Michael went through his life. Thank You Michael Jackson to bring me back to those great times, to Your great music and dancing. It's a shame that people has forgotten You .. I didn't because You gave me great moments with your music .. All the best to You where ever You are out there ..

Reviewed by rat_202 5 / 10

Annie, are you OK?

I remember my grandmother buying me this as a small boy. I watched it so much I nearly wore out the tape! Sadly, time has not been kind to it. The whole bunny rabbit claymation scene is tedious and the re-imagining of the Bad video with children is just... bad. Then there's the utterly ludicrous story, written by Jackson himself, where he turns into a car, a robot and a spaceship, with a rather embarrassing Joe Pesci performance. Michael Jackson was the biggest star in the world by far in the 80's. Otherwise, this nonsense would NEVER have been green-lit.

So, why do I now own the DVD? Two words. Smooth Criminal. That sequence is for me the pinnacle of his 'short films.' Yes, I've seen Thriller but I'll still take Smooth Criminal every time. The insane choreography, the music, the dancing... Who hasn't tried to do THAT lean? Jacko's writing and acting might have been lacking, but man, the guy could move. When I had it on VHS, it was my favourite part of the movie. Now it's the only part I watch. I do like the video for Leave Me Alone, though. Michael pretty much revolutionised music vids in the 80's, and this is one of his lesser known but very original videos.

If, like me, you can remember the glory days of Michael,and were a big fan, then by all means revisit this. If not, move along sharply.

Reviewed by frankie-smales 4 / 10

the title moonwalker is trashy

Michael Jackson delivered us an glorified an 1hr 45min long compilation of various clips of his work and it bares no significance to the title and within it self didn't live up to the narrative that supposed to be the origin of his iconic dance instead of this slap dash mess of an movie where the main action doesn't heat up until the 45 min mark before then you would have fallen asleep due to the boredom of the first 2 acts of the movie where as his short movie thriller was pure magic that reduced to an mini clip but the montage sequence had armature photo shop FX and kids trying to be bad was awful with worst choreography but I couldn't watch the entire movie but skip to the 45 min mark there is no real redeemed quality what so ever If I want to see a film about moonwalking I'd rather watch Neil Armstrong actually doing it I can't rate it higher but giving it an 4 out of 10.

frankie croft smales

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