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Nicolas Cage as Ronny Cammareri
Cher as Loretta Castorini
John Mahoney as Perry
Danny Aiello as Mr. Johnny Cammareri
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Reviewed by novagirl11 7 / 10

finally watched this classic

I'm finally checking off some of the classic movies I've never seen!..not a big Nicholas Cage fan, but Cher is great and I love the stereotypical Italian family!

Reviewed by mark.waltz 9 / 10

If only for the Bird's Nest Breakfast I learned from this film, it would still be a good egg.

When a bit of Dino wakens you up after a ton of previews followed by the MGM lion's roar, you know that's amore as you enter the Brooklyn neighborhood of sultry widow Cher and her outrageous family. She's sending her fiancee Danny Aiello off to Italy to visit his dying mama and promises to visit his estranged brother (Nicolas Cage) to get him to come to their wedding. Cage blames Aiello for the loss of his hand, distracting him while cutting bread and losing the woman he loved in the process. The embittered Cage, obviously adored by his female co-workers, perhaps isn't worthy of all that love, but it's obvious he needs a bit of mothering, being estranged from the elderly woman back in Italy. Cage manages to "snap out of it" long enough to seduce Cher ("OK. Take me to the bed. I don't care"), and then to the Opera at Lincoln Center, even causing her to darken the gray coming in. Cher plays kick the can as she returns home, only to find Aiello has returned and missing money from her job working for relatives. It's a luscious and subtle romantic comedy that, like the moon, will hit your eye like a big pizza pie.

This isn't all about Cher who was at the height of her film fame, appearing in the courtroom drama "Suspect" and dark horror comedy "The Witches of Eastwick" the very same year, winning an Oscar for this and going from camp music star to serious actress. She is the lead in an ensemble which she shares generously, with plaudits going to on-screen parents Vincent Gardenia and Olympia Dukakis. If being Archie Bunker's neighbor on "All in the Family" wasn't enough, Gardenia is a delightful curmudgeon who may love his wife, but still isn't any less of a man for having a woman on the side (Anita Gillette, ultra middle aged chic in her showy but small role), and he too gets hit in the eye as he has to decide himself what is more important: his male ego or the woman who has stood by him through thick and thin. I had already known whom Olympia Dukakis was when I saw this in the theater, having thought her very unique when she appeared on the soap opera "Search For Tomorrow". It is Dukakis who introduced me to the "Bird's Nest", a breakfast dish where the center of a huge chunk of bread is cut out so an egg can be dropped in the center and fried along with the bread. Dukakis is loving, no-nonsense, and absolutely loyal to her marriage, even if she secretly knows that her husband is stepping out on her.

Even if you are estranged from family, I doubt you will not feel the love inside this adorable family, almost operatic in its passion for each of the members. Although they fight, it is with love, and you can tell that every member of this family is on each other's side, even when they make mistakes. It holds up 30 years after its release completely. Minor characters all have moments that show their passion which doesn't diminish as they pass middle age. Even the cantankerous grandfather who has old fashioned morals that make him disgusted by what he sees (a moment between daughter-in-law Dukakis and a complete stranger that he misinterprets) speaks through his eyes without uttering a word, and various other relatives are included by having little moments where their own hopes, dreams, desires and failings are exposed. An aging Sicilian matron putting a curse on her sister as Cher watches Aiello take off for Italy gets the ball rolling. This is Sicily and the Italian mainland New York 1980's style, and anybody who has a large ethnic family, whether Italian or not, can relate to these character's personalities. It is one of the best original screenplays ever written, directed passionately by Norman Jewison, very much in the style of Woody Allen (particularly "Hannah and Her Sisters" and "Radio Days"), yet standing out as a fresh viewpoint that time hasn't yet stamped out.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 5 / 10

I probably shouldn't review this film

How much hate would I get if I said that 'Moonstruck' was a 'chick flick' or one that would most likely only be enjoyed by women? Probably quite a lot. I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who also liked it. Trouble is… I'm just not one of them.

I'll start by saying that, if I had my way, I'd probably rate this the lowest score possible. However, that's probably a little unfair of me based on how many people regard this as a classic – like my girlfriend – who made me sit through it with her and would undoubtedly rate it the highest score possible. Let me explain – we're both massive fans of Nicholas Cage (even going so far as to watch his more recent output which does tend to leave a lot to be desired). Therefore, I succumbed to sitting through this romantic comedy where Cher agrees to marry one brother, only to fall in love with the other one. I think it's safe to say that I prefer Nicholas Cage's films where he's either got his head on fire or stabbing himself in the heart with a needle while waving flares off the coast of San Francisco.

They call this a 'romantic comedy.' Yes, I could see the romance in there. Even though it was painfully obvious to me what the outcome of the film would be. However, I didn't really see any comedy in there. I seem to recall laughing out loud about once at about three quarters of the way through the film. I would say that meant the story was completely unfunny if it wasn't for the fact that my girlfriend was cracking up next to me pretty much the whole way through it.

She also enjoyed the way – her words – they 'play on the Italian-American stereotype.' If that means that the characters are complete clichés then I suppose that's true. Everyone (or rather mainly Nicholas Cage) turned their performance up to eleven and was so-over-the-top it was laughable (and that's laughable in not a good way). Everyone just spends the whole movie shouting noisily and making a drama over nothing.

Like I said, if you've seen one romantic comedy then you've probably seen this one. There's nothing new here, just louder. However, just because I hated it, doesn't mean that it's not good. I believe there were even Oscars thrown at the film for Cher's (I think!) performance. If you're into this type of film then you'll probably love it. However, if you prefer your leading man running in slow motion away from exploding barrels then as opposed to dressing up in a suit and asking a woman to the opera, then you should probably stick to 'Face Off' (at least now it's my turn to pick the film we watch (most likely something with a title that ends '…of the Living Dead').

I'll give 'Moonstruck' a 'mid-range' final score, simply because I should never have watched it to begin with and feel bad for rating something that so clearly has an audience so low (plus my girlfriend will not approve!).

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