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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gunnardsamek 10 / 10

Deep and emotional must-watch

Moonlight follows the life of a boy named Chiron in three different parts of his life: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. He grows up in the 1980s when drug dealings were rampant - his mother being a heavy drug addict. On top of this, Chiron is gay, which is in heavy contrast to his masculine surroundings in the hood. The plot in this movie is unpredictable in the best way possible. I had no idea where it was going, making it all the more dramatic. No movie has made me this emotional in a long time. Furthermore, the casting was very well done. Like I said earlier, we watch Chiron age and this is shown through a child actor, teenage actor, and adult actor. I didn't have a hard time believing that this was the same person. The acting was very good by all three and they play the character in a very similar fashion, making this film's three chapter story work perfectly. I honestly can't find anything to knock the film on. Moonlight more like 10/10 got em.

Reviewed by pramsalim 10 / 10

Definitely worth the Best Picture Oscar

2016 was a good year for movies. You got La La Land, Manchester by The Sea, Hell or High Water and many other good movies. A movie that stood out however was this small movie from A24, a studio that is known for its exceptional resume of independent films, called Moonlight. This movie won countless of awards, including the Best Picture award at the Oscars. The movie is about an African-American boy who lives in the hood. We witness his upbringing as he deals with countless of hurdles. One of them being his own sexuality. Taking such a strong subject, this movie was very bold and honest with its depiction of what it's trying to say. Some movies just wants to tiptoe around the edges of its own theme. This movie dives headfirst into its theme. There was one particular scene that showed two boys giving each other pleasure whilst sitting in a beach. It surprised me, to be frank, but I'll fool myself if I said it wasn't powerful. This is what I'll call a movie at its purest form. It was incredibly powerful through its ability of visualization. The cinematography, the colour palette, the score, the sound mixing, the editing. These aspects combined into one movie that doesn't use much of dialogue. With the visualization of a confused boy looking at the other boys playing sport, or the one where a mother is scolding her child, but the dialogue was muted, all we got is pure facial expression that tells us more than words could. I know not everyone supports LGBT, and this movie may seem like an LGBT campaign to some of you, but trust me, it is not. It's not just about an LGBT person. If you could widen your lens for a sec, you'll notice that it is not an LGBT parade. It is actually about a lost soul in a familiar yet foreign land, desperate for a loving hand, desperate for comfort. I'm sure we could all relate to that.

Reviewed by Sanya sanya 7 / 10


I wanted to turn the movie off for 5 seconds. You can't do that. You just can't. Show me the person who was responsible for the opening track. I tell him thank you. With the first seconds to set the pace, mood, atmosphere. The key scene falls exactly on the middle of the time. She had so many questions, frustration and a feeling that some people for the first time in my life I saw men kissing. Man and threw the skin color of the characters. You don't like that? Not look. Nobody. No one's forcing you. It's a movie, and then you need. The final version of Chiron accurately falls into place and time. Pierced ears, grills, a chain, a gold watch, a cool low-ride car, but it's the image of a drug dealer gangster. The final shot with Little. People have changed outwardly, but what he was in the shower?

This is not a review, but thoughts out loud. Reviews are not needed.


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