Moondance Alexander


Action / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 1082


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Lori Loughlin as Gelsey Alexander
Don Johnson as Dante Longpre
Kay Panabaker as Moondance Alexander
Landon Liboiron as Freddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jay Raskin 10 / 10

Poetic, Sweet and Inspiring

This is a naturalistic and realistic movie that shows contemporary young teenage girls as sensitive and strong human beings. There are very few films that do this. Over the last four years, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" is about the only one that comes to mind.

Parents who want to watch a DVD with children 10-14, who are tired of Disney Punch and Judy, over-the-top, throw-in-the-kitchen-sink, satirical fantasies for kids, will appreciate the calm and gentle approach and atmosphere that this movie creates.

The acting is delightful. Lori Loughlin and Don Johnson shine, and Kay Panabaker glows as Moondance. The writing is believable, and the film moves quickly.

The movie provides smiles, not laughs. If you're looking for laughs, try a T.V. sit-com. If you're looking for warm and endearing, and a feel-good/feel great family film, here it is.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

Fine cliché family movie

It's the start of summer. Moondance Alexander (Kay Panabaker) is the school outcast whose yearbook nobody wants to sign. She talks to her father's grave. Her eccentric artist mother Gelsey (Lori Loughlin) doesn't really understand. Then she finds a horse by the side of the road and names him Checkers. The horse is returned to Tumbleweed Stables and the grumpy Dante Longpre (Don Johnson). The horse is actually named Tinkerbell. Moondance exchanges work for riding the horse. All the girls are mean but popular Josh might just like her especially when Josh's dad starts dating Moondance's mom. Moondance thinks Checkers might be a good jumper and enters her into the Bow Valley Classic against all the mean girls.

This is a super sweet unsurprising cliché-filled family movie. I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that as long as it's done well. Don Johnson has the grumpy weary guy well in hand. Lori Loughlin could have been more flaky. At least she doesn't really fit the part. It's the super cute Kay Panabaker that makes this work. She's all hyper energy and willful joy. She is spunky enough to fill the whole movie with her energy. She is also a good enough actress to do the emotional moments too.

Reviewed by brightbrumby 9 / 10

Great little horse movie, unfortunately underrated

I've got to say, this is one of my favorite horse movies out there. It shows the tale of a different and quirky girl meeting a different and quirky horse who just want to fit in a little more. It also shows that sometimes being different is the best way to fit in- something almost no other horse movie shows. The only things that I don't really like is that at first, Moondance clearly doesn't know much about horses but yet still knows how to ride and knows some of the terms (example: "forelock"). I also thought it was a bit of a cliché to make the very girls who bully her at school also her rivals in the horse world. But it's a beautiful movie, so it doesn't really matter. This cute little movie is unfortunately underrated and I can't figure out why. It shows that being different is okay and you can do your own thing and I love the way it shows the magical connection that there should be between a horse and rider. The fact that this movie is based on a true story is even more magical. It tugged at my heartstrings. All the actors also suited their characters very well and were great at playing them. I couldn't imagine this movie any other way. If you're looking for a horse movie that's something a bit different with a moral, look no further!

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