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Olga Kurylenko as Alex Farraday
Morgan Freeman as Senator
James Purefoy as Mr. Washington
Dylan Edy as Black Hat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10


Alexis Farraday (Olga Kurylenko) gets pulled into another job by her running mate Kevin Fuller. It's a bank heist to steal diamonds. Alexis gets unmasked in a fight against one of the robbery crew. Mr. Washington (James Purefoy) hired by a Senator (Morgan Freeman) comes looking not just for the diamonds but a computer drive. He kills Fuller but Alexis escapes with the drive.

The story is simple. It relies on action and not much else. It's alright for a 90's gun fight action film. The action is done well enough. There is a good variety of gun, hand-to-hand, and car chases. It needs more in terms of dialog and characterization. The writing is lackluster. Kurylenko is still not the best actress around and struggles to be the lead. Campanelli is trying make the jump from camera operator to director. A simple thing like more specificity to Freeman's character would help. The movie often stalls when the action gets stuck in one location. It becomes static especially for an action movie. The camera work may be correct but the directing is unimaginative.

Reviewed by nicholls_les 7 / 10

Better than Expected

Good movie with plenty of action. Olga Kurylenko is believable in the lead role, although the characters abilities are inconsistent and I found some of her actions frustrating and silly. There was no reason to allow herself to be caught in order to draw them to the airport. A phone call offering the drive would have done that.

The villains are suitably evil and James Purefoy is a convincing psychopathic criminal.

I did think that the over use of the F word was unnecessary. It seems a trend to over use bad language in action movies which is sloppy script writing in my opinion.

The ending left this open to a series of sequels so maybe there are more to come?

Reviewed by Tweekums 6 / 10

Solid action if a bit confused at times

This South African action film opens in Cape Town where a gang of thieves are robbing a bank; this isn't a smash and grab raid but a highly professional job targeting a specific box in the vault. It doesn't go according to plan though when one of the thieves fall out another member; the dispute leaves him dead and other thief, Alexis Farraday, with her face exposed to witnesses. It soon becomes apparent that is the least of her worries; as well as the diamonds in the box they also took a flash drive which contains damning evidence against a US senator who has some highly unpleasant people, led by Mr. Washington, on the scene to get it back for him. Washington kills Kevin Fuller, one of robbers, while trying to extract information for him, not knowing that Alexis is in the room. She manages to get away and we get a cat and mouse chase as first they chase after her then, after Washington learns the location of the Fuller's wife and child, Alexis then rushes to protect them. As the film progresses there are several confrontations between Alexis and Washington and his people and ultimately she learns the secret people are more than willing to kill for.

There are plenty of action thrillers that are much better than this but there are also plenty that are worse. On the positive side the action is pretty good, there is plenty of tension from start to finish and the scenes that are meant to make the viewer wince really do. Olga Kurylenko does a fine job in the lead role and James Purefoy is suitably unpleasant as Mr Washington. Morgan Freeman's brief appearance as 'The Senator' is good but his role is fairly small. On the downside some things are far-fetched even for the action genre; characters manage to get to locations at just the right/wrong time so they keep meeting and at one point Alexis uses a bomb and there is no explanation where it came from. The finale is a little disappointing too as it felt more like a teaser for another film rather than proper ending. Overall I'd recommend this to fans of the genre if it on TV or in the DVD bargain bin but it is hardly a must see.

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