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Reviewed by Peter Young 7 / 10

In fond memory of Sridevi, a powerhouse actress in her screen farewell

Words could not express the shock and disbelief that I felt upon hearing the sad news of Sridevi's sudden and untimely demise. It's still hard to believe that this beautiful woman, who was only 54, looked so much younger, and whose graceful presence and impeccable talent have been an integral part in the lives of so many lovers of Indian cinema, is no more. That's what made me watch this movie right away. We had planned to see the film even before, and little did we imagine that it would inevitably become her last film which would be watched after her passing.

Mom is a very nice thriller, very well thought of, written and directed. It's a little too dramatic at some points, but everything is within context and is not overblown. There's no need to give away any sort of details about the story and the proceedings, but one thing, as expected, remains its central force, and it is of course Sridevi herself, and her astounding performance. Sridevi had a vast career graph, with films in many languages, among which sadly not many were great masterworks. Her extraordinary, intense acting talent had always transcended the quality of any film she was in, however, and Mom, while a very good film in and of itself, is no exception in this regard. Her Devki is an amazing portrait of quiet determination and exhilarating strength. Just see the scene when Devki is notified of her daughter having been raped. This act brings back, just for one moment, the uninhibited, trademark Sridevi style that people love to see and probably not expected in an otherwise restrained portrayal. Her full-outburst reaction shows, for the umpteenth time in the career of this gifted actress, her ability to perform the most difficult scenes with ease, full authenticity, and the most alarmingly intense levels of expression. The great thing about this performance, however, is that it is not just a performance of great moments - her overall character development is the great moment itself, and her presence alone speaks volumes. She is real, genuine, and plays the most basic and casual bits with amazing depth and conviction, which never take away from her cinematic appeal. She was a true master of her craft in terms of commanding the attention of her audience at any point.

Twenty years ago, Sridevi, who had by then long been arguably one of the most hard-working and prolific actresses in India, retired from films to devote her to her family and to being a mom. It's so ironic that her last, full-fledged film appearance ended up being this film, simply titled Mom. It's a little comforting that her screen farewell is such a nice film. This, along with her previous venture, English Vinglish, are the two ultimate, memorable goodbye presents Sridevi gifted her fans with before leaving, just to seal the illustrious list of films in her impressive career. Long live Sridevi, may her remarkable legacy in cinematic history live on forever in the hearts of anyone who loves films and appreciates true acting talent.

Reviewed by Biswarup Chakraborty 9 / 10

Excellent Movie. Must watch.

Sridevi's acting was tremendous in MOM. She just nailed it with her performance. Nawazuddin Siddiqui also did great acting. He just transformed himself. Others (including Akshay Khanna and Sajal ALi) did their job very well. A good screenplay and story makes the movie attractive. The second half of the movie is brilliant. The way by which Sridevi takes revenge is totally different and is awesome. This movie excellently captures the motherly love . So a must watch for everyone who loves his/her mother

Reviewed by Vikram Bagga 10 / 10

Intelligent. Intense. Incredible

This is a comeback of sorts for actress Sridevi (Not that she needs one), appearing in a major feature after 5 years since 'English Vinglish' in 2012. And what an incredible performance it is!

MOM is a powerful revenge tale of a Mother whose stepdaughter gets gang raped at a party is left half-dead. When the law fails to provide justice, the mother avenges her daughter's rape by exacting her brutal schemes on the 4 perpetrators who walk Scott-free, with the help of a freelance detective, played incredibly well by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. When her revenge is complete and her daughter witnesses her mother's intense love for her, she truly understands to what lengths her mom has gone for her.

Sridevi, the lead, is so good as a mother who has witnessed her daughter's brutal attack, that you feel every emotion she undergoes, that any mother in her place would. She deserves an award for this.

Ravi Udyawar's directing is brilliant, precise, and sets a ruthless pace for the film. The camera never loses focus of the protagonist and her relentless pursuit for payback. Anay Goswami's cinematography will put you in the middle of the action. And a special mention for the extraordinary sound department work. From uplifting sounds, to certain very dark moments filled with eerie atmospheric bass, that will linger on in your head for a very long time, they got it spot on. Kudos.

MOM is a upfront revenge tale of a mother who unleashes her wrath upon injustice and crippled laws. Not many movies in India are as bold in portraying such subjects. This one is just plain fantastic. It will show you that a mother's love for her daughter knows no bounds.

One of the best movies of 2017. Highly recommended.

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