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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrislowe-27445 5 / 10

In a world were you get what you pay for?

I wouldn't recommend spending money to watch this film. Putting aside the lackluster acting, effects, and storytelling. Mohawk is riddled with tiny fragments of potential. I dare say the lack of budget and acting isn't its biggest weakness. Plot and pacing secure Mohawks position in the lackluster section of Indie movies.

Reviewed by trashgang 5 / 10

just for the lovers of the bloody situations

I came across Mohawk due the fact that some siad that this was as gory as hell. Not being a horror I thought, well, scalping can be gory so give it a try.

It shows after seen it that the budget wasn't that big after all but that the money indeed went to the effects. By effects I mean, the gory or bloody stuff. But being a horror buff I can't really say that it is gory but some will be offended by the bloody mess running throughout this flick. Take the red stuff away and this flick fails completely.

The story is rather simple. Go kill the mohawks as pure revenge for the killing they did of US soldiers. That's it. Not that much of characterisation. Pure cat and mouse and a bit of weird situations with the skull apperanaces, even a bit supernatural espescially towards the end.

The killings are really welldone on part of the effects and geeks of the genre will love that but overall it moves a bit too slow and you are just waiting for the next hit.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by famousjax 1 / 10


This so called film is awful!! horrible!! I'm pretty sure this is a comedy because this movie is nothing but bad acting and "staged fake violence". I think the director found every bad actor in Hollywood and put them all in this film. This movie cannot be saved. There is nothing historic about this film, its a bunch of idiot people in makeup and costumes running around the forest in a circle!! None of the characters could keep any sort of accent. I can't even tell you what accent they were even trying to accomplish because its THAT BAD. Horrible costumes! The lead character lady Oak has on a modern short red skirt and a short sleeve shirt that I'm pretty sure came from Walmart. In one scene she straddles the other lead character Joshua and you can see a panty line LOL. Sure, alright, maybe back in those days Indians wore panties...not!!!

This movie starts out with Indians and the lead character Joshua around a fire and Joshua is trying to warn the Indians that war is coming and they need to fight. The Indians try to look fierce and stern in this scene and accomplish neither. So short summary the indian calvin goes off and kills some white settlers or soldiers i'm not sure as we never see who was so called slaughtered. This brings the dumbest soldiers out to pursue the Indians for revenge. Even the soldiers try to do accents and fails embarrassingly. One of the soldiers had on ridiculous pair of goggles that fit no where in history or the movie. Just wow so bad!

Well, Calvin goes to confront the dumb soldiers(ohhh scary...yea not!!) they tackle him and he tries to kill one with a tomahawk which he raises above his head and then PAUSES (Yes, you read that right, Pauses!) waiting for one of the dumb soldier behind him to take his cue and shoot him in the arm. Then of course what went on from there was a so called torture scene which is nothing but fake violence, fake blood & fake screams. They make him scream in hopes of the other 2 characters, Joshua and oat, to show up and rescue their lover calvin. Which of course happens they show up and then we have more fake violence and blood. Then Joshua and Oak run away in the forest that i'm pretty sure was just a circle of them going around and around. They dig a hole underground and wait and sure enough! the dumb soldiers find them and blah blah blah tries to smoke them out. While Oak and Joshua are coughing because of the smoke all of the sudden the coughing stops (but not the smoke) and she tells him that she's pregnant. offfff courseee. They proceed to dig their way out another way away from the smoke that they didn't seem affected by anymore shockingly. At one point they get to a river and steal a canoe by another person who had his camp right by the river. They try to fake negotiate with him to take the canoe hes not happy and they take it anyway but don't worry cuz the guy is a horribbbllleee shot and he doesn't inflict any harm on the 2 canoe stealers. Blah Blah Blah Joshua and Oak show up to a cabin and find Oaks uncle and tribe members dead. Yes you guessed it!! More fake blood and fake violence happens!! (i mean why change anything at this point. Obviously the director thought he had a film full of action, drama, history and all that he really had was a comedy.) Anyway back to the wonderful fake violence. Oak gets a knife thrown at her hand that leaves her stuck to a tall pole/tree/wood i guess. This of course renders her helpless (its hollywood eyeroll) as she watches her lover die then she is shot. BUT WAIT!! its not the end of this god awful film!! She comes back from the dead and goes and gives herself a haircut (because thats sensible and totally historic...not!!!!) and hunts the dumbest soldiers down to kill them with the fake violence that is shown throughout the whole movie of course. Oh did i say the Indians looked scary?? um no they didn't even look like indians rather just people with Halloween makeup on. I'm not sure they could have done anything else to make this film even worse because they thought and covered everything that makes this a hooorrriiibbbllleee film.

If you want to see a good indian movie go watch hostiles! they have great actors and an actual story not a fairytale like Mohawk.

The end and your welcome! :)

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