Mission: Impossible III


Action / Adventure / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Owen Davian
Aaron Paul as Rick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jb_campo 7 / 10

Fast-paced action thriller

If you are craving a non-stop action movie with a decent plot and acting, go no further than MI-3. Tom Cruise reprises the role of Ethan Hunt, IMF agent extraordinaire who is attempting to leave the IMF field work to others as he takes over training of new agents. Can he stand it? Of course not! or the movie would've ended in 10 minutes!

He's engaged to marry Michelle Monaghan as his fiancée Julia. I think their chemistry was pretty good. I recently watched her in Source Code and she's a terrific actress. At an engagement party, Ethan gets a call and next thing you know, he's back in the field. He just has that itch and needs to scratch it. Cruise does a decent acting job of a guy torn between two worlds, where he wants to be just another normal guy, but his whole team is telling him that he can't have a normal life.

His team delivers, particularly Ving Rhames, who is so Mr. Cool. Also Maggie Q has a unique ability to blend in as nobody special, but be made to be very sexy when needed. Jonathan Rhyss Myers was standard. I saw him in Bend it Like Beckham, and he's OK as an actor. Laurence Fishburne delivers as a mega boss type guy who takes no crap or bs from anyone. And finally Billy Crudup as Cruise's mission chief who aids and abets Cruise outside the authority of officialdom.

The plot is pretty simple, good guys against bad guys. Phillipe S. Hoffman absolutely delivers as evil, sadistic, feelingless arms dealer Owen Davian, who sells anything to anyone for a price with no concern about anyone. Hoffman, RIP, has some tremendous scenes with Cruise, where they go toe to toe in life or death struggles. Whoa, those scenes are really intense emotionally and physically.

The action spans the globe from the US to Germany to Italy to China and back. At a little over 2 hours, the film is nicely paced. There are no real down moments where you feel the movie drags - it's non-stop. At the end, you don't really care about the Rabbit's Foot as much as you do about how it's going to go down. Just strap yourself in and enjoy this fine installment to the MI series. Enjoy.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9 / 10

Lived Up To The Hype: Very Entertaining

I heard nothing but good things about this movie, so I rented it the first day it was available recently.....and I wasn't disappointed. Oh, it does have a bit too much action and a few politically-correct annoyances but neither are much and overall the movie is a lot of fun to watch.

The action scenes are not only interesting; they're spectacular at times. Overall, the photography is slick. It's a good visual movie. Not only the cinematography, but the director did a nice job with many of these shots. The version doesn't have all the gimmicks the first Misssion Impossible film, but it certainly has the best action scenes. The only bad movie of the three MIs was the second one. This one makes up for that.

All the characters are interesting. Philip Seymour Hoffman, as usual, is excellent as the main villain "Owen Damien." Michelle Monaghan makes for an attractive fiancée of Cruise in this movie, but her role is not a major one. Cruise's "team" is fun to watch: a PC group consisting of a white guy, black guy and Asian woman.

The action is improbable as Cruise's "Ethan Hunt" would have to be Superman to perform the stunts and acrobatics he does here. (I would never claim this movie is credible, or even "intelligent" - just escapist fun.)

Just put your brains on hold, and go along for the wild ride. The name of the game is entertainment, and this movie provides it in spades, hence the good rating.

Reviewed by Carlos André 9 / 10

A rush and raw adrenaline-full movie

My god! This movie is good.

MI3 is just a class about how to make a good action thriller movie, this thing is just breathless all the way down, you can't take a break, you're tense through the majority of the scenes.

So many amazing moments, like the parkour scene in Xangai, the jump from the building, the interrogation scene (both of them), etc etc etc. This movie clearly build all the path that the franchise would follow for the years to come. It's not a "trash" vibe of movie, it take itself seriously, but in order to do that, it makes you feel worried about the characters.

It's amazing to see how JJ started with the right foot on his first movie. Probably the only little thing that bothered me was the close ups, is not a awful thing or anything, but I think that sometimes the screen can be too "crowded" with the excess of close ups.

Philip Seymour Hoffman destroys as the villain, his character is so threatening even though you don't know anything about him. The interrogatory scene in the plane is fantastic, when you realize that they gave him the only thing that he needed (Ethan's name). Amazing.

Tom Cruise again kills it, the dude is a monster, and continues to impress everybody with his stunts. This is also the first of the MI movies that he needs to use some of his "dramatic skills", and he delivers.

The script is well writing, the twist of "who is the inside bad guy?" really take me by surprise, and I love it. I also love the first minutes of the movie, when you see Ethan's party, it's soo well done, because in a fell different ordinary situations you get almost all that you need to know about Ethan, how is his life, how is his relationship, and that kind of stuff, in something that last like 5 minutes.

In short, MI3 is a fantastic action movie, that with absolutely certain took the franchise to a whole other level.

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