Mission: Impossible II


Action / Adventure / Romance / Thriller

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Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Dougray Scott as Sean Ambrose
Anthony Hopkins as Mission Commander Swanbeck
Dominic Purcell as Ulrich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by realmuthaf 3 / 10

Mission: Impossibly Cheesy

So, after seeing the adrenaline-pumped trailer for MI Fallout I decided to go to the franchise roots and finally see the original three films. And while the first one was already cheesy enough, this movie is simply on another level.

Since MI2 is old news now, and probably no one will ever read this anyway, I'll just list some of the more ridiculous moments I remember:

  • Implausible love line and how creepy Cruise is when he "seduces" the discount Zoe Saldana. Also how totally accidentally her perky tits are accentuated in half the shots. Sorry.

  • The uncomfortably stereotypical Aussie dude in Ethan's team.

  • Constant dramatic zoom-ins on the actors' faces.

  • Constant dramatic slo-mo shots.

  • Tom Cruise doing backflips and other Wrestlemania-style moves.

  • Tom Cruise sliding on the concrete road while holding onto a bike.

  • "That punk put a whole in my Versace".

  • How stupid it is that instead of calling in reinforcements to take down the Scottish villain, Ethan works with just 2 guys and keeps a low profile for some reason.

  • How stupid it is that destroying the virus samples solves anything, like there the company has no data to reconstruct it at will.

  • How stupid it is that Ethan apparently always carries a mask of himself and of the Blonde villain guy, as well as his voice modulator, in case he needs to do a totally unforeseeable switch-up in a critical moment.

  • The beginning says "music by Hans Zimmer", but the music, just like everything else, is also pure trash.

Reviewed by Carlos André 3 / 10

Way too serious

I'll make this short. If the movie was what the last 25 minutes are, it would be perfect (in a weird way). But sadly, it is not.

I think that the main problem of MI2 is that it take itself too serious, like, two guys jump from their bikes and collide with each other IN THE F# AIR, but you also are supposed to be worried about a global virus that will destroy the world. And you just don't buy it.

But there are also a lot of shitty things here, the romance between Ethan and Nyah happened so fast, the guy is literally risking his life for her, after one night (or less).

The soundtrack is sometimes a real mess, you go to some mexican type of music in some scenes (with no-sense at all) to some heavy metal type of music in another one. And it just don't fit for the majority of the time.

And, ok, we have to talk about the slow-mo, look, Matrix is fantastic, amazing, but the bunch of crap that came after it is surreal. It seems like the director just saw Matrix and thought "we have to put more slow-mo in the movie! It will be great!". But, well... no. A lot of scenes you can notice that they were clearly shoot with normal cameras, and slowled in pos.

Tom Cruise is amazing in the film when the subject is action scenes. The guy let they hold a KNIFE above his eyes! The dude is a monster, really. He's stunt's are by far the best thing in the whole movie.

Well, in short, Mission: Impossible II it's really not a great film (in fact, it's bad), but the last 30 minutes of it are very watchable (you can search for it on YT if you really want to see), the rest of it is almost everything just boring, way over the top, but yet, very serious about it's crazy plot.

Reviewed by tstudstrup 1 / 10

Politically correct and boring

Considering that this movie is made by John Woo, known for graphic violence, this is a very PG movie.

Had they given Woo free reigns, like they did with Face Off, who knows, what kind of movie this might have been. I know that the M.I. movies are PG13. But this movie is the only one that feels like it's made for children and mnot adults. It is that bad.

In this M.I. movie and only in this M.I. movie Hunt for some reason has a problem with killing people. Which means he acts out of character, compared to every other M.I. movie.

Also, when people are shot, it's almost always happening off camera. Which is annoying as hell and reminds me of the awful fourth Indiana Jones movie.

If the rating don't allow you to show people being shot, complete with bulletholes and blood, then don't have people being shot in your goddamn movie.

I really hate the MPAA. They have ruined, what could have been so many good movies with their cencorship.

Nyah is unattractive and too skinny and annoying. And the signifigant height differrence between Tom Cruise and Dougray Scott, makes it laughable that Scotts character can impersonate Cruises character just by wearing the famous masks and nobody can tell the difference, between the two.

The plot is a joke. And besides from the last half hour of non stop action, this movie does not deserve to be a part of the M.I. franchise.

And enough with the goddamn doughs.

Do not watch this. you can easily skip it and enjoy the rest of the movies, without misssing out on anything.

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