Miss You Already


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 13614


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kirstenskene 10 / 10

Toni Collette shines

Beautiful, funny and sad. Unlike some reviewers I cannot be stingy with my stars. Great casting of characters with real flaws. I have lost several friends to the bastard that is cancer and appreciated this movies humour and sensitivity.

Reviewed by Kristie 7 / 10

A trashy, even more predictable, version of Beaches

Aside from the obvious chemistry between Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore, there are so many things wrong with this movie. I hung in there until the end--the incredibly predictable end--if only to confirm my predictions.

Apparently, according to this film, being diagnosed with breast cancer is a sudden ticket to be a complete narcissist. For a mother who promised her kids she would always be there for them, she sure has a short memory, even when things were within her control.

What a waste.

Reviewed by yjudith 9 / 10

don't watch it when you first get up....

As I was saying in my summary...don't watch this when you first get up. or if you've had a friendship that transcended any other relationship, if you've lost someone to cancer, or if you've lost anyone for that matter! Yes, this movie did all of that to me. In the just under 2 hours this movie made me remember the relationship I had with my best friend of 18 years, mourn again my mom (who I lost to cancer in 1995) and yes, many of my soul squad passed before my eyes, while I wept gut-wrenching tears. I loved this movie!!! It starts with the relationship of Jess and Milly who met in private school, when they were elementary school aged. It doesn't spend too much time here, which i liked, and takes us quickly into the presence. Milly has neglected to have her yearly mammograms, and not following up when the doctors told her to.She is diagnosed with breast cancer. They treat the cancer very aggressively (or maybe that's how they do things nowadays), very quickly with rounds of chemo. Milly loses her hair, throws up, not to mention all the emotional changes and for good, bad, or worse Jess is by her side. When the treatments fail to work and Milly has to have both her breasts removed, it sends her into a cesspool of a storm, where she feels entitled to treat people horribly and cheat on her husband. This is where the friendship is tested and actually breaks for a time. Jess gets on with her life the best she can especially in light of her pregnancy, one hard fought for and with complications, due to the actions of Milly. It isn't until Milly discovers that she is in fact dying of brain cancer, using a cane and legally blind, that she reaches out to Jess, to mend the friendship and each other's hearts. Jess and her husband's well thought of plans fall to the weigh side, when Jess goes into labor early (hubby is on an oil rig) and it is Milly, with the help of her mom...tearing out morphine drip and all...who runs to Jess's side and makes it before the baby is born. Knowing that this was a sad movie and as it progressed, knew Milly was going to die, made it very emotional for me. When I tell you I cried the entire two hours, I am of course exaggerating, but not by much. Every time there was a poignant scene of any kind, I cried. Lmao!! Rather cleansing and therapeutic. Plus it really was a good movie. The death scene...killed me.

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